About NLA

All photos taken by Dan Jahn.

Kristin Nelson

President and Founding Literary Agent

Kristin launched Nelson Literary Agency (NLA) in August 2002 and manages the literary development and careers of numerous bestselling authors.

Danielle Burby

Literary Agent

Danielle joined NLA in 2017 and is based in New York.

Joanna MacKenzie

Literary Agent

Joanna joined NLA in 2017 and is based in Chicago.

Brian Nelson

Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Brian runs the day-to-day operations and accounting for the company.

Angie Hodapp

Director of Royalties & Literary Development

Angie is our data systems genius. Every accounting period, she tracks, audits, and manages all domestic and foreign royalty statements. She has also stepped into the new role of Literary Development for current and future clients.



Lori Bennett

Director of Contracts & NLA Digital

With a terrific background in both law and software engineering, Lori manages all things contracts and also handles NLA Digital, our supported self-publishing platform for our clients.

James Persichetti

Asian Rights & Submissions Coordinator

Jamie speaks several languages, including Japanese, and handles foreign subsidiary rights for NLA. He also coordinates and screens submissions so NLA can handle the volume received.

Sam Cronin

Royalty Auditor & NLA Digital Associate

Sam joined NLA in 2016 and works closely with Angie on royalty statement auditing and with Lori for NLA Digital.

Tallahj Curry

Literary Assistant

Tallahj joined NLA in 2016. She is Kristin’s assistant and does all things from reading queries and submissions, writing reader reports, and handling marketing and website updates.


The Grand Dame of NLA

At 13+ years old, Chutney is Kristin & Brian’s 13-pound rat terrier who doesn’t care much for books but loves coming to the office each day, basking in the sun, and joyously greeting the FedEx and UPS person when they come.

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