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How They Came to Us

With JD, Kristin practically wrote the handbook on How-Not-To-Offer-Rep-To-An-Author… JD found Kristin via her client Josh Malerman (fast pals after the Bram Stoker nominations). The timing/project wasn’t right and nearly a year would pass before they would connect again over JD’s second novel.

Even though JD received eight offers of representation, he kept Kristin at the top of his list. There was a connection there he hadn’t found while talking to other agents. Hesitating because of the thriller genre, Kristin almost made the mistake of passing on a novel she loved before coming to her senses. When JD and Kristin realized they both share an obsession with the cult film classic Eddie and the Cruisers, they both knew they had made the right choice in forging an agent/author partnership.


International best selling author Jeffery Deaver calls JD, “A talented writer with a delightfully devious mind!”

JD began as ghost-writer/book doctor. Leveraging that experience, he indie published his first novel Forsaken. It hit some major milestones by being nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in 2014 and appearing on several bestseller lists. Forsaken was also nominated as a Goodreads Best of Horror and Best Debut in 2014. His debut also won the New Apple Medalist Honors Award.

While at the 2015 Horror Writer’s Convention, Bram Stoker’s family asked if he would be interested in co-authoring a prequel to Dracula utilizing Bram’s original notes and journals. He couldn’t resist and is now working on that project with Bram’s grandson Dacre Stoker.

He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife.

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