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How They Came to Us

Mimi holds the distinction of being both Danielle’s first client and her first sale. Mimi actually queried Danielle’s boss back when Danielle was still an assistant in her first year in publishing and Danielle loved Mimi’s lyrical writing style so much that she was determined to help Mimi find representation. Together, Mimi and Danielle worked on a revise and resubmit in the hopes that Danielle’s boss would take Mimi on as a client. In the process, Mimi and Danielle realized they really enjoyed working together. That first project didn’t end up being The One, but, when Mimi’s next book was ready, she submitted directly to Danielle. The rest is history!


Mimi writes about musicians and sometimes monsters and you can find both in her YA novels Before Goodbye and Shining Sea. A songwriter who has performed and taught on and off for years, Mimi holds a Bachelor of Music from Ithaca College and an MA from NYU. She’s also a certified yoga instructor and created Body of Writing, a practice that adds an additional dimension to that mind-body-spirit discipline: story. BOW uses a combination of yoga postures, breathwork, and powerful writing prompts to help participants unearth their own stories, and deepen their creativity. Mimi has shared the bill with many musicians including Bruce Springsteen, and resides near Asbury Park, NJ. She lives with her young son across the street from the beach, rarely says no to chocolate, and is a chain reader. Her music can be found on iTunes.

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