Foreign Rights

Interested in translation rights for any NLA title?

For Asia: Please contact James Persichetti at

For Europe and the rest of the world: Please contact Jenny Meyer at Jenny Meyer Literary Agency. Call 718-522-9880 or email

A Selection of Foreign Editions

<strong>Shift</strong> in Czech

Shift in Czech

<strong>Perfect Chemistry</strong> in Bulgaria

Perfect Chemistry in Bulgaria

<strong>Prudence</strong> in Japan

Prudence in Japan

<strong>Wool</strong> in Taiwan

Wool in Taiwan

<strong>Wool</strong> in Greece

Wool in Greece

<strong>I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You</strong> in Indonesia

I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You in Indonesia

<strong>The Shifter</strong> in the United Kingdom

The Shifter in the United Kingdom

<strong> Songs of Willow Frost</strong> in Italy

Songs of Willow Frost in Italy

<strong>Perfect Chemistry</strong> in France

Perfect Chemistry in France

<strong>Rules of Attraction</strong> in Norway

Rules of Attraction in Norway

<strong>Delicious</strong> in Portgual

Delicious in Portgual

<strong>Spellbound</strong> in Japan

Spellbound in Japan

<strong>Heartless</strong> in Japan

Heartless in Japan

<strong>Heist Society</strong> in Sweden

Heist Society in Sweden

<strong>Firelight</strong> in Germany

Firelight in Germany

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