Perfecting the Query Pitch – a 2-Part Webinar Intensive

Learn to Write the Perfect Query Letter

Held 09/20/17 at 6:00 - 8:00 PM MT

Sessions: 2 consecutive Wednesdays, September 20 and 27, 2017

Class Limit: 15

Please note: This Webinar is primarily a workshop and does not constitute a query letter submission to Nelson Literary Agency. Only fiction submissions are eligible for this Webinar (no memoirs or non-fiction works, please).


Most writers will tell you that writing a good query letter is more difficult than writing the whole manuscript. How do you distill the essence of a 300+ page novel into one pithy pitch paragraph for your query? In this 2-Part intensive, you’ll find out.

This Webinar will be taught by Agent Kristin.

In part one on Wednesday, September 20, Agent Kristin will walk you through how to write a standout query letter pitch while avoiding common pitfalls. After learning the inside scoop, participants will have a chance to revise their query letter pitch for part 2 of the Webinar. Participants will also be paired with a fellow participant critique partner. Teamwork will help to create the best possible query letter.

In part two on Wednesday, September 27, Agent Kristin will do a live reading of your revised pitch query letters. Nothing speaks louder or more directly to your query letter’s effectiveness than the on-the-spot feedback of an agent, so don’t miss this opportunity.

What You’ll Learn:
•    How to compose a basic, four-part query letter.
•    How to distill your novel into a clear, concise pitch paragraph that will inspire agents to request sample pages.
•    How to position yourself in the current market in terms of word count, genre, and comparable titles or authors.
•    The truth about why so few query letters lead to requests for sample pages.
•    How to revise your pitch.

•    Agent Kristin will be on video as well as audio.
•    Attendees are welcome to ask questions throughout the Webinar.
•    Attendees will have access to the video recording of the Webinar for six months.

Who should attend? Writers who:
•    Have completed a novel and are ready to begin their search for an agent. (Please note that this Webinar is not for writers of memoirs or works of nonfiction.)
•    Have already been querying but have gotten no requests for sample pages.
•    Will be attending a conference soon where they will be pitching to an agent.

Cost: $229
This webinar has already been held.

If for some reason you cannot attend the presentation, your registration fee will allow you access to the recorded Webinar video for six (6) months.

Cancellations must be received seven (7) days prior to the Webinar for a full refund.

Pre-Webinar Assignment

Each participant is required to work with a critique partner to create a final draft of the query letter for part 2 of the Webinar. Once registered, participants will receive instructions on connecting with their critique partner and how to submit the polished query letter for the final Webinar segment.

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