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Proof of Agent Camaraderie

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STATUS: Back to normal with all the hectic catch up from being out of the office for a week.

What song is playing on the iPod right now? LOVE IS LOVE by Culture Club

So last week I did a little rant on Agents and competition.

Here’s some great proof that some agents really operate differently. Here are pictures of me at the Knight Agency Anniversary party.

If Deidre were the paranoid type, she’d never invite an outside agent to her celebration but she knows that the word “poaching” ain’t part of my vocabulary.

I had a great time celebrating with my dear agent friend and I had a great time partying with her clients.

So I thought I would share some candid shots:

Kristin and Deidre share a moment

Susan Grant (author of YOUR PLANET OR MINE?) & Diana Peterfreund (SECRET SOCIETY GIRL) on the Knight Agency Party Bus

Marley’s date (and darn I can’t remember his name!), Marley Gibson (author of a young collegiate sorority sisters series debuting in 2008), Diana’s Brother, Diana, & agent Nephele Tempest

4 Responses

  1. Diana Peterfreund said:

    Marley’s date is my awesome website designer Mike.

    I loved that party! Especially Kristin’s outfit. 😉

    PS: Congrats on GABRIEL’S GHOST. Can you call a talented writer or what?

  2. Marley Gibson said:

    Great seeing you at the party, Kristin! And riding to the hotel from the airport. And at the Chick Lit party. And…I think at one point, you were becoming my doppleganger ’cause I was seeing you everywhere. LOL!!

    And yep…that’s my hubby, Mike!