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If You’ve Ever Wondered About “The Call”

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Ever wondered about “the Call” or how it all works? My author Kristina Riggle shares the moment she heard her book was going to sell and she has given me permission to share the story.

I’d dreamed of The Call, as I suppose all aspiring writers do. I programmed into my mobile phone the office and cell phone numbers of my agent (the very talented Kristin Nelson), and gave those numbers their very own ringtone. I was sure that’s how the call would come. I’d be out and about somewhere, and I’d hear that special ring, and I’d know right then my dream had come true.

As with every step on my publishing path, reality had little to do with my fantasy. In this case, however, it was even better.

“The Call” turned out to be a series of calls and e-mails. First, there was the innocuous subject line in my e-mail from Kristin inquiring about my next project. No big deal, right? Then I opened the e-mail. She was asking so she could prepare for a potential two-book deal, because the book was already being passed around for “second reads” at one publishing house. This was six days after the book went on submission.

The next “Call” was Kristin telling me…

Have I got you hooked? Then click on the link for The Debutante Ball blog to hear the rest of the story.


14 Responses

  1. Eileen said:

    I had a chance to meet Kristina when I was on tour in Michigan. She is kind and gracious and I’ve loved what she’s done so far on the Deb Ball. I can’t wait to read the book!

  2. CNeely said:

    That made me tear up. I have the same dream. Someday I’ll get that call. And maybe I’ll be feeding my baby when it happens.

    I also laughed while reading this, because my dishwasher just broke. And we’re too broke to fix it.


  3. Kristina said:

    Kristina Riggle here…

    Thanks Kristin for posting this!

    Keep coming all week to the Ball, Pub Rants readers, for more great stories. “The dream” can come true so many different ways. And I hope you hang on and keep reading at the Deb Ball all through our collective launch year, too. It’s a fun way to watch the process unfold.

    I could have posted about Kristin’s call. For that one, I saw the “Sorry I missed you” e-mail first before I looked at my phone, and when I read that she wanted to represent me, I was shaking so badly I dropped my son’s candy cane that I was trying to unwrap for him. It broke into a hundred pieces and he cried. He got over it, though.

  4. Anonymous Gimp said:

    Definitely a heartwarming story. I think “the call” stories are the best stories I read. My favorite still has to be Stephen King’s, in his “On Writing” book.


  5. Kim Stagliano said:

    Oh that’s great! I kept asking my agent, “Can I turn cartwheels yet?” as we went through revisions and conversations before he made an offer to me. When he did? I took a photo of my cell phone with his number on it – and the date. “The call.” I don’t even think selling my book will feel as good as that day. May I know soon!

    May every reader here get “the call” soon.


  6. Julie Ann Brown said:

    It is really lovely to have a glimpse (via this wonderful open access of the net) into the heart of someone who has successfully followed their “vocation” to success…and shares their glow of happiness with others.