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Wiley (cont.) And Tidbits

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STATUS: Is it Wednesday already?

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? LONDON CALLING by Clash

Okay, my wifi at home has gone kaput. Sometimes I don’t get a chance to blog while still at the office so then I’ll pop online via the laptop at home. Kind of difficult when it’s not working. Hopefully that will get taken care of tomorrow.

So many little tidbits to share. Most of them funny and it’s not even Friday yet.

Authors Guild and Wiley continue… Lots of people didn’t agree with the AG stance on Google but I’m still quite glad they are out there being a watch dog for authors.

In the best headline I’ve seen recently:
Cops bust woman, 74, for pouring mayo in book drop

All I can say is there must not be a lot going on in Boise, Idaho. Still, I’m dying to know the motive for this condiment crime spree. (Never imagined those three words would appear in the same sentence together.)

And best for last. You know publishing has hit mainstream when The Onion jumps in the mix. I just laughed and laughed. (It’s TWILIGHT but with Minotaurs!).


18 Responses

  1. Some Screaming Fangirl said:

    Haha, condiment crime spree. Hopefully someone will commit a felony with ketchup so those three words can be strung together again.

    The Onion article is hilarious as well. A girl seeing past the “brooding exterior” of a “bad-boy” minotaur, eh? I can see the cover now – a swooning girl and a buff, half-bull teenage boy – never mind, I can’t, it’s too hysterical.

    I do like the idea of a “bad-boy Mayan vision serpent” though. 🙂

  2. Amy Allgeyer Cook said:

    Hey now! As a Boisean myself I feel compelled to defend the condiment woman (dare I call her saucy?).

    Sadly, I can’t. It seems like everytime Idaho makes the nat’l. news it’s for something wacky: women scalping each other in Kirkham hot springs, crazy man killing entire family and going on the run with the two kids, a small town changing it’s zoning code so all residents are ‘required’ to own a gun.

    Yes, it’s a weird and wonderful world here in potato-land.

  3. Natalie said:

    So that’s why all my library books have had a mayonaisey smell lately…

    That is hilarious. I love that the library in question is like 10 minutes from my house and I haven’t heard a thing about these “condiment-related crimes” in local news. Thank you Kristin for keeping me up to date. 🙂

  4. Shi said:

    I would totally laugh at the mayo spree if I weren’t currently working in a library. I’ve had one to many experiences of reaching into the book drop and pulling my hand out to find it covered in various slimy and/or sticky things.

    And Minotaurs, wow! But hey, who would’ve believed me five years ago if I told them sparkling vampires where the next hot thing?

  5. nymfaux said:

    Not to jump off topic–because I totally love the condiment crime spree and Minotaur update,

    but I’m curious why the publishers aren’t able to take current data and show the author what their royalties would have been had they been under the amended contracts?–I’m guessing that’s what the auditors do?–I really don’t know.

  6. *Jen* said:

    LOL…. I work in a library and certainly got a kick out of the book drop story. Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend!

    That Onion article is so well timed. I was shelving in Fiction yesterday and noticed all the many many vampire related books out there. (I knew we had a lot in YA, but I was surprised to see so many in Fiction as well!)

  7. Ulysses said:

    Mayonnaise? On books?
    It’s distressing how many people get that wrong.
    It’s mustard on books. Mayonnaise should only be dumped on videos, although salsa is also acceptable on DVDs, and of course nothing goes better with Blue-Ray than a nice ranch dressing.

    People… why on earth are we the dominant species?

  8. Bekah said:

    All I can see is a poor 74 y/o nice grandma in handcuffs…in a little jail cell…for mayo on books with realish other criminal in there. Anyone else seeing this picture after the drop! I’m telling other people about this story, so thanks for sharing!

  9. JEM said:

    Oh my gosh, The Onion post was classic! Bad-boy minotaur…wait, I would totally read a book about a labyrinth. Darn…

  10. Christina said:

    The even funnier thing is: that mayo crime happened in Idaho Falls- it’s just too small to show up in the National News, so they call it Boise. That’s where I live, and the next day, the library drop box was closed off! Oh brother! I agree though, the question is: why?

  11. Bernita said:

    Actually, there’s a crime trick…condiment crooks… pulled in Toronto where one crook squirts ketchup on a pedestrian while the second crook steals his wallet.

  12. Val Robertson said:

    What you didn’t read was that the 74-year-old woman had a gun under the front seat of her car when she was arrested. We only got that in the local paper.

    As for The Onion–what, they missed the zombie bad boy?