Celesta Rimington

Middle Grade

How They Came to Us

Danielle attended the May 2018 Storymakers writing conference in Utah and was sent Celesta’s opening pages for a critique session. (Lucky her!) Danielle fell head-over-heels for Celesta’s lyrical writing, incredible character work, and compelling setting. In fact, she wanted to offer representation on the spot, but she had only read five pages and Celesta hadn’t even finished writing the novel yet! Danielle had to sit on her hands and impatiently wait until Celesta submitted the manuscript three months later. Danielle offered representation in two days and they sold The Twister, the Elephant & Me at auction two months after that. Now, Celesta’s debut novel is set to publish in summer 2020.


Celesta grew up in an Air Force family and spent her childhood discovering the delights of Nebraska sunsets, Wyoming rodeos, California beaches, and Alabama southern cooking. She always found refuge in libraries, but her enthusiasm for writing truly ignited when she was ten years old and living in Tornado Alley, waiting out rainstorms and tornado sirens by writing short stories. Celesta is an elephant advocate, a musical theater performer, and an active participant in her local writing community. She holds a degree in Sociology and is a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature. She now lives in Utah with her husband and two children, where they have a miniature railroad with a rideable steam train and are involved in an abundance of theater and dance productions.

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