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How They Came to Us

Ehsaneh queried Danielle at her previous agency just as Danielle was about to transition to NLA. The news of the agency move wasn’t public yet, but Danielle loved Ehsaneh’s query so she reached out and asked her to re-query once her new NLA email address was up and running. Much to her delight, Ehsaneh sent her query right away and Danielle requested the full manuscript. She tore through the read and couldn’t get over Ehsaneh’s gripping writing and masterful storytelling. Ehsaneh had written a nuanced and honest portrayal of family members who disagree about politics, a world that feels as though it is falling apart, and the incredibly relatable way that, despite those things, life goes on. It was a hopeful and funny story and the characters were all incredibly well-drawn. By March 2017, Danielle was begging Ehsaneh to be her client. Ehsaneh and Danielle have been lucky enough to see each other in person several times (including being on a panel together in Las Vegas!) and, like Ehsaneh’s writing, their conversations flow seamlessly from funny to serious to heartfelt. Danielle feels so lucky to work with such a brilliant writer and can’t wait for the world to read Ehsaneh’s gorgeous debut in 2020!


Ehsaneh Sadr is an Iranian-American novelist and social justice activist with a PhD in International Relations. She has worked, in various capacities, on campaigns related to biking advocacy, Palestinian human rights, Iranian sanctions, access to credit for rural villagers, and safe spaces for children in crisis. She currently works with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition to create the cultural and infrastructure changes needed to support a shift away from carbon-based modes of transportation.
Ehsaneh currently lives in Northern California with her husband and two children but also considers Washington DC, Salt Lake, and Tehran to be home.

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A Door Between Us

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