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How They Came to Us

Florence was referred to Danielle by a colleague who only represented adult fiction, but loved Florence’s writing and wanted to give her a hand. At the time, Florence was fresh out of college and working in publicity at Simon & Schuster. Danielle immediately connected with the way Florence blended self-deprecating humor with deep truths about life. Danielle knows an artist when she sees one and Florence is, most definitely, an incredibly talented artist. Florence had several other agents considering her work, but Danielle felt so passionately about her voice that she absolutely had to work with her. They met for coffee and talked about the difficulties of selling a college-aged YA, but decided to take the risk together rather than age the character down. They must have made the right call because LOVE AND OTHER CARNIVOROUS PLANTS sold at auction shortly thereafter.


Florence is the author of two books of young adult fiction, Love and Other Carnivorous Plants and Dear Universe (forthcoming in May 2020). In 2015 she graduated from Dartmouth College where she majored in Philosophy, while taking as many poetry classes as she could. Her work experience ranges from publishing in NYC, to goat farming in Maine, to one really bad holiday shift at UPS. She currently lives in Portland, Maine and would love if you visited her online at

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