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There was definitely no secret handshake involved. Jamie emailed his query letter–just like hundreds of authors do every week. As you can imagine, he got quite a lot of interest, so when Kristin requested the full, she started reading his novel at about nine o’clock that night. At one in the morning, she sent Jamie an email offering him representation. It turns out he actually had seven offers! The next morning, Kristin told Sara there was no way she was going to land this amazing book. It was just too early in her career to beat all the rival big-name agents. But this Montana author decided a Denver agent was a perfect fit.


Jamie Ford is the great-grandson of Nevada mining pioneer Min Chung, who emigrated from Kaiping, China, to San Francisco in 1865, where he adopted the western name “Ford,” thus confusing countless generations. Jamie’s debut novel, HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET was a New York Times bestseller, an IndieBound NEXT List Selection, a Borders Original Voices Selection, a Barnes & Noble Book Club Selection, Pennie’s Pick at Costco, and a Target Book Club Pick. HOTEL was also named the #1 Book Club Pick for Fall 2009/Winter 2010 by the American Booksellers Association and went on to win the 2010 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature. His work has been translated into 35 languages. Jamie is still holding out for Klingon. (That’s when you know you’ve made it.)

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