Jordyn Taylor

Historical Young Adult

How They Came to Us

Jordyn and Danielle have Hamilton College res life to thank for randomly pairing them as roommates freshman year. They both ended up in NYC after graduating and Jordyn landed a prestigious journalism job where, among other things, she wrote weekly Bachelor recaps. Jordyn developed quite a recap following and Danielle found herself regularly laughing at her desk reading Jordyn’s hilarious and voice-y articles. Knowing talent when she sees it, Danielle decided to ask Jordyn whether she’d ever considered writing fiction and, lucky for Danielle, Jordyn signed with her. After a few near misses in the adult fiction world, they realized Jordyn was meant to write YA. Now, her debut novel is set to publish with Harper Teen in summer 2020 and Danielle could not be more excited to share Jordyn’s humor, warmth, and beautiful fiction voice with the world!


Jordyn Taylor is the deputy digital editor at Men’s Health, where she publishes stories on relationships, sex, entertainment, health, nutrition, and more. She previously worked at Mic and the New York Observer, and is a graduate of Hamilton College and New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and now lives with her husband in the great borough of Queens.

Author of...

The Paper Girl of Paris

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