Kristen Ciccarelli

Young Adult Fantasy

How They Came to Us

Danielle has long been a fan of Kristen’s Iskari series and Kristen has always been on Danielle’s mental list of authors she wishes she represented. When Kristen reached out to Danielle in need of an agent, Danielle absolutely jumped at the chance to work with an author she so admires. She offered representation as quickly as she could and is over-the-moon to champion Kristen’s brilliant writing and stunning fantasy worlds.


Kristen Ciccarelli is an internationally bestselling author of fantasy fiction. Her first novel, The Last Namsara, debuted on the UK’s Children & YA chart, was named one of Indigo’s Best Books for Teens, and has been translated into 12 languages. Before writing books for a living, Kristen was an artisanal baker, an indie bookseller, and a ceramic artist. She resides in a blustery seaside cove on Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula with her blacksmith and her rescue dog.

Author of...

The Sky Weaver

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