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Like a lot of Kristin’s authors, Kristina sent a great email query. By chance, Kristin’s hubby Brian saw the return address on the envelope containing Kristina’s signed agency agreement. He was incredulous because Kristina lived not two blocks from where he grew up in Michigan. Kristina and Brian also went to the same high school. Kristina’s sophomore picture is immortalized in Brian’s senior yearbook, which sits on Kristin’s living room shelf. Small, small world sometimes!


Kristina Riggle is a former newspaper reporter and one-time holiday temp bookseller. Her debut, REAL LIFE & LIARS, was a Target Breakout pick and a Great Lakes, Great Reads selection by the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association. Her other novels have been recognized by independent booksellers as an IndieNext Notable book as well as a Midwest Connections pick. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in journalism. Her newspaper career included flying in a stunt plane, asking President Gerald Ford a question at a press conference, getting seasick on a Coast Guard boat, and covering 6,000 local government meetings, give or take. She lives in West Michigan with her husband, two kids, and dog, where she enjoys reading, yoga, and dabbling in (very) amateur musical theater.

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