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How They Came to Us

Micheal got the best recommendation of all. From his wife, Sara Creasy, who is also one of Kristin’s current clients. It’s like a two-for-one!


After a nearly-transient childhood, Micheal hitchhiked across the country and ran out of money in Arizona. So he stayed there for thirty years, raising dogs, getting a degree in philosophy, and founding a scientific instrument company. Having read virtually everything by the old Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy, he decided he was ready to write. A decade later, with a little help from the Critters online critique group, he was actually ready. He was relieved to find that writing novels is easier than writing software, as a single punctuation error won’t cause your audience to explode and die. When he ran out of dogs, he moved to Australia to raise his daughter with her cousins. Now he is a father, author, and immigrant. Fitzgerald was wrong. There are second acts to some American lives, even if they start in other countries.

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The Kassa Gambit

World of Prime Series

Sword of The Bright Lady

Gold Throne in Shadow

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