Reese Eschmann

Middle Grade

How They Came to Us

Reese was featured in Pitch Wars in 2017 for the very first draft of the very first manuscript she’d ever written. (Talk about talent!) Danielle immediately fell for her pitch and beautiful voice and requested the materials. Months later, after Reese revised the manuscript and felt ready to share it with agents, Danielle jumped at the chance to work with her. After all, Reese had created some of the most lovable characters in an incredibly imaginative world. It was irresistible. Together, Danielle and Reese polished the manuscript and went on submission, eventually selling the project to an editor who loved it as much as they both did. After finalizing the deal, they were all able to have a joyful and celebratory dumpling lunch together. Reese’s debut middle grade is set for spring 2021 publication.


Reese is a middle grade fantasy writer and a school social worker from Chicago. She loves coffee, comics, and cream cheese frosting. She has a dog named Johnny Dogs and is one of those strange people who usually thinks that the movie was as good as the book.

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