Rosaria Munda

Young Adult Fantasy

How They Came to Us

Rosaria sent an intriguing query to Danielle, but it was her incredible opening page that sealed the deal. Danielle was sucked in from the very first sentence and quickly tore through the entire manuscript. She loved the characters and the philosophical approach to a very fascinating fantasy world. (The dragons didn’t hurt either!) She offered representation and then had to wait while Rosaria fielded other offers, but, luckily, Rosaria came back to Danielle with a big exciting yes. Rosaria’s badass editor won her trilogy at auction and rounded out the perfect team. Rosaria’s debut novel is set for publication in 2019.


Rosaria Munda is a young adult fantasy author with G. P. Putnam’s Sons. Her debut novel, the first in the Aurelian Cycle trilogy, is forthcoming the fall of 2019. A native of rural North Carolina, Rosaria studied political theory at Princeton and lives in Chicago with her husband and cat.

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