Susanne Lord

Historical Romance

How They Came to Us

We have Courtney Milan to thank for sending Susanne my way! Courtney had read Susanne’s debut in manuscript form and forwarded it along with a glowing testimonial of “Beautifully written, deeply romantic, and utterly magnificent, Susan Green’s debut novel is a triumph.” I heartily agree!


Susanne Lord lives beside a beautiful pond surrounded by hawthorne trees and wildflowers. When it’s quiet and no one is about, she can pretend she is taking her exercise on the grounds of an ancient, family estate. When it’s not, she’s reminded her family is not of the landed gentry, the pond is in the middle of Chicago, and the only adventure in her day comes in the form of emails marked ‘urgent’ at her advertising job.

Originally from Okinawa, off-base and on, Susanne now makes her home in Illinois. When not working, writing, attending theater or reading, she travels to England, where she enjoys getting lost in the woods.

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A Discovery of Desire

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