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Tumble Podcast

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Often referred to as “Radiolab for kids,” Tumble is a pioneering science podcast exploring stories of science discovery. Hosted by Lindsay Patterson and Marshall Escamilla, a wife-and-husband team of science journalist and teacher, Tumble is the perfect combination of science communication and education. Tumble weaves scientists’ lives and research into entertaining, engaging, and relatable stories of the scientific process, with the ultimate goal of improving science literacy. With 40 original episodes and 2 million listens and counting, Tumble is a treasure trove of STEM stories featuring inspiring scientists.

Launched in 2015, Tumble has led the way in pioneering a new medium for children. A loyal and growing listenership of over 45,000 subscribers and 125,000 monthly downloads, has fueled enthusiasm for its three seasons. Tumble was named one of the best podcasts for kids by Apple Podcasts in 2016, topped over 1.5 million downloads in 2017, and in 2018, it was picked up for distribution by PRX, the company behind the Radiotopia podcast network. 

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