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July 2013
A Message from Kristin Nelson

Does Your Blog Have Personality?

Kristin Nelson

Just this past week, I attended LitFest, an annual event hosted by Lighthouse Writers Workshop right here in Denver. During a one-on-one conference, a writer asked me a question about her blog. She mentioned that in order to ease the social-media burden, she was blog sharing with several other writers; each curated the blog a month at a time. She noticed the blog wasn’t getting much traffic and asked me why.

To answer her question, I first had to ask a few of my own.

I asked if she herself follows any blogs. She said yes. Then I asked why. Her answer? Because she likes the content or finds the information useful.

But is that all?

I’m nothing if not persistent. When she looked at me blankly, I said there are dozens of blogs about agents and publishing. Why did she prefer some blogs over others?

It’s not just about content. It’s also about personality.

Blogs have personalities, and readers like to follow bloggers who have a unique style or an appealing voice. A shared blog maintained by multiple writers might lack a distinguishing personality, style, or voice. If that’s the case, chances are good the blog won’t gain much traction.

Watching her “Eureka!” moment made me think that you might find this information helpful, too. So ask yourself: Does my blog have a distinct personality? If the answer is no, then maybe blogging isn’t the right social-media platform for you.

And that’s my agent public service moment for July.

Pub Rants University

Think Like An Agent – 2013-08-14

Is Your Manuscript Market Ready?

Wednesday, August 14 at 6:00-8:30 PM MT

This Webinar intensive brought to you by NLA Digital.

Class Limit: 10 (only for writers who are serious about their careers, please. If you have already attended this workshop, you cannot attend again unless you have a new manuscript to submit.)

Requirement: Attendees must use a phone for audio to call in and actively participate.

Please note: This Webinar is primarily a workshop and does not constitute a manuscript submission for representation consideration.

Writers view their work as art or as an expression of themselves. In that sense, writing can be very personal. An agent, however, doesn’t have that emotional connection to the work. We see a novel as a product to be sold.

Authors who write with a passion but think like an agent/business person are ten times more likely to have success with writing as a career. This Webinar is designed to help you create that bridge from the creative right side of your brain to the business-savvy left side of your brain.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Market viability – Agents see good writing all the time in projects we can’t sell. What role does the market play in being able to sell your work? Editor or Agent-speak translated: what does “too quiet” or “not commercial enough” mean and does it apply to your project? What are all the other catch phrases that are often used when agents/editors give writers feedback? Do you have a novel idea (pun intended) or should you shelve it instead?
  • How To Realistically Evaluate Your Own Work – Tips and strategies on how to create the distance needed to read your own writing dispassionately. Creating the road map for your novel. Elements of good critique groups or partners that can be invaluable to your success.
  • Is Your Manuscript Ready? Each participant is required to submit the first 30 pages of his/her novel. All attendees are required to read each other’s work for comment and discussion. We’ll decide if your writing is market ready and if it’s not, discuss why so you can take the next step to make it so.


  • Kristin will be on video as well as audio.
  • Attendees are welcome to ask questions during the presentation.
  • Attendees will have access to the recorded video of the presentation for six months.


Who should attend?


  • Who are serious about writing as a career
  • Who want to be publishing biz and agent savvy
  • Who like to be more informed.
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