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August 2013
A Message from Kristin Nelson

You Have Ten Minutes: What Do You Take? Black Forest Wildfire Auction

Kristin Nelson

A police officer pounds on your door and, when you open it, yells that you’ve got ten minutes to get out before the fire hits. What do you take?

Well, if you are Kristin’s good friend Dave Olsen, you take nothing. Sadly, Dave was out of town when the evacuation alert came. The Colorado Springs Black Forest fire was raging out of control and just about to overtake his street. Luckily, one tenant, Jen Stemen, was home. Rebecca and Timothy (who had just moved into their lower-level apartment two weeks prior) were not there. Nor was Jason Sullivan, who lived in the apartment above the workshop barn.

Jen has ten minutes. She grabs everyone’s laptops and throws them in her car. Then she runs to grab her dog Cosmo, Dave’s dog Shadow, and Jason’s dog Switters (all big dogs). Then she dashes to load them into her tiny car only to realize that there isn’t enough room.

She has to make a split decision: dogs or car? She doesn’t hesitate. Even though she had no renter’s insurance, she abandons her car. Throws the laptops, the dogs, and her just-in-case suitcase into Dave’s old truck and hightails it out of there. The house, the entire property, is completely destroyed.

TV cameras captured the 100-foot flames that engulfed their street. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see my posting on the day I learned that Dave had lost everything but was cheerfully moving on and even quipping about how he could now move to Boulder, Colorado, to be closer to his daughter. Nothing to pack!

Every year I donate a thirty-page manuscript critique with a follow up Skype session for the Brenda Novak Charity Auction because my nephew has juvenile diabetes and this is a cause close to my heart. Well, this is very personal for me as well. My friend Dave is lucky. He is insured. Insurance will cover a lot but probably not everything.

But this auction is for Jen and Jason, who had no renter’s insurance. And especially for Jen, who sacrificed to save the pets. (And let me take a minute to say that if you are renting and don’t have insurance, please buy some. Today. You just never ever know. Usually it’s under $100 a year. Well worth the cost for the absolute worst-case scenario. And I hope you never have to use it!)

So if you’ve ever wanted a critique from me and you want the money to go to great cause, now is your chance. I’m really hoping to raise at least $1,500. Deets below.

BLACK FOREST WILDFIRE AUCTION – Agent Kristin 50-page manuscript critique followed by a 30-minute Skype Session

Runs: August 1, 2013, through August 7, 2013

Click this link to bid.

And if money is tight and you really can’t participate in an auction but might like to make a donation, you can do that too. Just click this link. Even if you think $1.00 is not a lot, that’s $1.00 more than what they have right now, and if 200 people donate a buck, that adds up.

And THANK YOU. Except for the small percentage that GoFundMe takes to process donations, ALL the money will go to Jen and Jason.

My husband Brian and I spent a day helping Dave clear the property. If you ever wanted to see a picture of Kristin manning a wood chipper, here’s your chance! All the pics are featured on my blog Pubrants as well as on my Facebook page.

house south view - BEFORE z - top view house - AFTER

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