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  • SOLD!! As announced in Publishers Weekly, Berkley executive editor Kerry Donovan bought the fourth and fifth books in USA Today bestselling author Sherry Thomas’s Lady Sherlock series. The six-figure deal for North American rights was brokered by Kristin Nelson. The historical mysteries feature Charlotte Holmes, a young woman in Victorian England who solves cases under the alias of Sherlock Holmes. Publication for the recently signed books is scheduled for fall 2019 and fall 2020.
  • SOLD!! As announced in PW, Jillian Manning at Blink has bought New York Times and USA Today bestselling author CJ Lyons’ YA psychological thriller The Color of Lies. High school senior Ella Cleary has synesthesia—a condition that causes her to see a riot of colors with each interaction. But when she meets a boy she can’t read, she discovers he holds the secret behind her parents’ death. Publication is scheduled for Fall 2018; Kristin Nelson brokered the deal for North American rights
  • Via Deadline Hollywood, Jamie Ford’s bestselling debut novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is being developed into a film. Producer Diane Quon announced that she has acquired the film rights with Joseph Craig of StemEnt as producer & George Takei as executive producer.
  • In a Deadline Hollywood exclusive: Paramount Pictures has acquired film/TV screen rights to DRACUL by Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker--the first prequel authorized by the estate of Bram Stoker. The film will be developed as potential directing vehicle down the line for Andy Muschietti, reteamed with IT producers Barbara Muschietti and Roy Lee.
  • SOLD!! Via Publishers Weekly, in a six-figure North American rights agreement, Dacre Stoker and author J.D. Barker sold a Dracula prequel entitled DRACUL to Putnam after a five-house auction. DRACUL is about a 21-year-old Bram Stoker meeting the demonic being—“whom he traps in an ancient tower, all the while scribbling the events that led him there”—who will go on to become the subject of his iconic 1897 novel. Mark Tavani at Putnam acquired Dracul from Agent Kristin Nelson, which has also sold in the U.K. (to Transworld) and in France (to Michel Lafon). Dacre Stoker is the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker.
  • SOLD!! As announced in Publishers Weekly: in a six-figure acquisition, David Levithan at Scholastic bought Ally Carter’s standalone YA debut, Not If I Save You First. Levithan took North American rights to the book from agent Kristin Nelson, who has an eponymous shingle; Nelson described the work as “a gender-swapped YA Romancing the Stone.” In the novel, a Secret Service agent’s daughter must travel into the wilds of Alaska to save the son of the president--but not if she kills him first. The book is set for a March 2018 release.
  • SOLD!! Author of The Salt House and University of Massachusetts MFA grad Lisa Duffy's THIS IS HOME, a multigenerational narrative exploring themes of the families you choose and the homes you create told in alternating perspectives between the pregnant wife of a war vet with PTSD who has gone missing, and a teen who is finding her place in the world, to Kaitlin Olson at Touchstone, for publication in Summer 2019, by Danielle Burby in her first deal with Nelson Literary Agency.
  • SOLD!! As announced in PW Children's Bookshelf, Emilia Rhodes at HarperTeen has bought at auction in a very nice deal The Girls of Cottonwood Hollow, a YA contemporary novel with a twist of magical realism from debut author Miranda Asebedo. After a tornado unearths the century-old diary of the dying woman who cursed the girls of a rural Kansas town with strange talents, brash mechanic Rome and her two best friends discover that the curse and the stories surrounding the town legend aren’t all true. Publication is planned for fall 2018; Kristin Nelson did the deal for North American rights.
  • FILM/TV rights to internationally bestselling author J.D. Barker’s debut thriller THE FOURTH MONKEY to CBS Films with Bill Todman, Marc Webb (The Amazing Spiderman) and Taylor Elmore (Justified, Limitless) attached.
  • SOLD!!! As announced in PW, Jen Besser at Putnam Children’s has acquired KINGDOM OF BACK, a new YA historical fantasy novel from NYT bestselling author Marie Lu. Lu based her story on the childhood of composer Mozart and his sister Nannerl. When a magical imp (in the form of a gorgeous teen boy) from the “imaginary” kingdom of Back offers to fulfill her secret wish to always be remembered, Nannerl unwittingly makes a terrible pact to solidify her place in history.  The book will be published in early 2019. Kristin Nelson brokered the six-figure North American deal.
  • SOLD!!! As announced in PW, in a six-figure deal, Kristin Nelson sold North American rights to two new books in Gail Carriger’s Custard Protocol series to Lindsey Hall of Orbit.  The series, which is set in the Victorian era, centers on a young woman named Prudence, who, with a cadre of friends, rides a dirigible around various parts of the British Empire, exploring its sordid and supernatural elements (the books feature werewolves and vampires). Orbit plans to publish the first book in this deal, the series’s third, sometime in 2018.
  • NYT bestseller Hugh Howey's MACHINE LEARNING: NEW AND COLLECTED STORIES, a short story collection including three stories set in the world of WOOL and two never-before-published tales, plus fifteen additional stories collected together for the first time, for publication in Fall 2017, and print rights to indie-published novel SAND, for publication in Spring 2017, to John Joseph Adams at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


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