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Recent News

  • SOLD!  Kathleen West's debut novel MINOR CATASTROPHES a clever narrative in the round perfect for fans of Big Little Lies about helicopter parents, overworked teachers, and the students caught in the middle—and the fallout for each of them when a social media video goes viral, to Kerry Donovan in a good deal, in a pre-empt, in a two book deal, for publication in Spring 2020.
  • Throwing confetti! Kirkus names Marie Lu's WILDCARD as the best Young Adult Science Fiction novel of 2018!
  • Throwing confetti for two 2018 Goodreads Choice Award Nominations for Marie Lu's WILDCARD (best YA SF&F) and Dacre Stoker & JD Barker's DRACUL (Best Horror).
  • SOLD!!  Robin Huber's debut duology, A LOVE LIKE YOURS and A STORY LIKE OURS to Lexi Smail at Forever Yours for publication in 2019.
  • As reported via Deadline Hollywood, Hugh Howey's BEACON 23 TV series adaptation from Zak Penn (Ready Player One, Avengers, X-Man) nears green light at Spectrum. The series will be produced by independent studio Platform One Media.
  • Bird Box official trailer starring Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes. Netflix Movie December 21, 2018. Director:  Susanne Bier.  Screenplay: Eric Heisserer (Arrival)
  • Congratulations to Meghan Scott Molin on her starred PW review for December's The Frame-Up! “[A] stellar first novel and series launch...Molin’s clever humor (“the last vestiges of my resistance crumble like the shield around the USS Enterprise in every mid-episode fight sequence”) enhances the inventive plot. Readers will eagerly await the sequel.”
  • If you haven't gotten your copy of Ausma Zehanat Khan's second badass feminist fantasy novel yet, the time has come! Happy publication to THE BLACK KHAN!
  • Sold!! Activist and political science PhD Ehsaneh Sadr's A DOOR BETWEEN US, a humorous and sometimes scary snapshot of a family with clashing political ideologies in Iran in the aftermath of the 2009 election of Ahmadinejad and the ensuing Green Wave protests told in three alternating perspectives in a hopeful narrative demonstrating that life goes on even as the world feels like it is falling apart around us, to Addi Black at Blackstone Publishing, for publication in fall 2019, by Danielle Burby (World English).
  • Sold! Doug Engstrom's CORPORATE GUNSLINGER, set in a near future world in which people use their freedom as collateral against loans and dueling is a sanctioned practice for settling legal disputes; a professional gunslinger in serious debt is about to take her shot in a high-stakes duel that will either kill her or buy her freedom, to David Pomerico at Voyager, for publication in 2020, by Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency (World English).
  • SOLD!! Founder of Every Damn Day WritersAlison Hammer’s YOU & ME & US, a mother-daughter love story pitched as perfect for fans of JoJo Moyes and Marisa de los Santos, about an advertising executive mom and her distant teenage daughter struggling to be a family without the one person who held them together, to Tessa Woodward at William Morrow in a good deal, at auction, in a two-book deal by Joanna MacKenzie.
  • SOLD!! As announced in The Washington PostMarie Lu has agreed to a multimillion dollar, three-book deal with Jen Besser, publisher of Roaring Brook Press. The first book is set 10 years after her third “Legend” installment which came out in 2013. Currently untitled and scheduled for Fall 2019, the upcoming novel will again feature such characters as young Eden Bataar Wing and take place in the dystopian Republic of America. Lu’s deal also includes a new series, the science fiction-fantasy “Skyhunter.” Kristin Nelson negotiated the North American deal. 
  • SOLD!! As announced in PW Children's Bookshelf: Emily Easton at Crown has acquired a YA fantasy duology by Scott Reintgen, beginning with ASHLORDS. The story follows three riders—a champion's daughter, a scholarship entrant, and a revolutionary's son as they compete in elite phoenix horse racing. Horses in the breed live for a day, riding impossible distances before bursting into flames at night; to be crowned champion, riders must use alchemy to summon their horse back to life at sunrise. Kristin Nelson negotiated the deal for North American rights.
  • SOLD!! ENCHANTED, INC., author Shanna Swendson’s new contemporary fantasy, about a tourist who finds herself plunged into a magical New York adventure after she stops to help a little old lady, to Jessica Almon Galland at Audible Originals for publication in 2019, by Kristin Nelson. 
  • And more good news! Marie Lu's WILDCARD debuts at #59 on the USA Today Bestseller list. Huge Congrats!
  • Throwing confetti for Marie Lu! WILDCARD hits #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list for the first week on-sale.
  • SOLD! Acclaimed YA author Kristen Simmons, writing with New York Times Bestselling author Sara Raasch, Set Fire to the Gods, a Gladiator meets The Hunger Games duology set in a Greco-Roman inspired world to Kristin Daly Rens at Balzer + Bray by Joanna MacKenzie.
  • SOLD!! RITA-nominated and bestselling author, Shana Galen's WILD IRISH BRIDE, a book in The Royal Saboteurs, a new series about a disparate group of men and women offered an opportunity of a lifetime: to become elite operatives for the Crown, to Sue Grimshaw at Loveswept, for publication in 2019, by Joanna MacKenzie.
  • SOLD!! Brittney Morris's SLAY, following a black teen video game developer as she battles a real-life troll intent on ruining the Black Panther-inspired video game she created, and the safe community it represents for black gamers, to Jennifer Ung at Simon Pulse, in a significant deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2019 and fall 2020, by Quressa Robinson and Kristin Nelson 
  • Author Brittney Morris featured in Publishers Weekly Children's Bookshelf. Check out the write up here!!!
  • SOLD!! Roseanne  A. Brown's A SONG OF WRAITHS AND RUIN, the first book in a West and North African folklore inspired duology where a 17-year-old refugee disguises himself as a nobleman in order to win the hand of the Crown Princess who he must kill in order to release his captive sister from a vengeful spirit; meanwhile, the princess needs to kill him, as his heart is the final ingredient in a forbidden spell that will bring her assassinated mother back from the dead, to Kristin Daly Rens at Balzer & Bray, in a good deal, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, for publication in spring 2020 and 2021, by Quressa Robinson.
  • BESTSELLERS!! Huge congrats to Jana DeLeon and Liliana Hart on hitting the USA Today Bestseller List this past week. Jana's REEL OF FORTUNE landing at #21 and Liliana's WHISKEY AND GUNPOWDER at #85.
  • As announced in Variety, LaToya Morgan is developing a TV series at AMC based on Hugh Howey’s WOOL, the first book in the Silo Series. Morgan will executive produce the project in addition to writing the pilot. Howey is also attached as a producer. She is write/co-executive producer on AMC’s “Into the Badlands.” Her other television credits include “Shameless” and “Parenthood.”
  • As announced in Hollywood Reporter, BCDF Pictures has acquired the film and TV rights to Marie Lu’s sci-fi book franchise LEGEND, PRODIGY, CHAMPION and has set Joseph Muszynski to write a new script based on the first novel. Claude Dal Farra, Brice Dal Farra, and Brian Keady of BCDF Pictures are producers.
  • SOLD!!! John Galligan's THE BAD AXE, pitched as Mystic River meets Windigo Island, about the Silk Road running through America's heartland, a local sheriff on the hunt for a missing girl, and a trail of clues that lead her too close to home, along with a second Wisconsin-set thriller, to Peter Borland at Atria, in a two-book deal six-figure pre-empt by Joanna MacKenzie at Nelson Literary Agency.
  • Big Congrats! J.D. Barker's THE FOURTH MONKEY wins the 2018 Audie Award for best thriller/suspense.
  • And the news keeps getting better. Another huge congrats to JD Barker & Dacre Stoker as DRACUL is also a Publishers Lunch Fall 2018 Buzz Book! Crazy fun news day at NLA!
  • Crazy happy day! Congrats to Miranda Asebedo, Heather Kaczynski, & Marie Lu. THE DEEPEST ROOTS, ONE GIANT LEAP & WILDCARD are all Publishers Lunch FALL 2018 Buzz Books!
  • Congrats to Lisa ShearinTHE GHOUL VENDETTA wins the RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Urban Fantasy novel.
  • SOLD!! From Publisher's WeeklyKathy Dawson at Penguin bought at auction, two standalone YA fantasies by debut novelist Laura Brooke Robson. The first is an apocalyptic fantasy told in alternating POVs about the leader of a band of female elite royal aerialists whose plan for survival depends on marrying the prince—until she meets the alluring new recruit who secretly plans to kill him. Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency brokered the six-figure deal.

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