Pub Rants

Please, not THAT with my morning Starbucks

I’ve been reading a lot of sample pages lately—trying to get caught up and also because I’m actively looking for something new. Lately I’ve had to avoid eating breakfast or lunch while reviewing sample pages. Please, I beg you. No more people peeing, defecating, or otherwise involved with a bodily… MORE


Does Size Matter?

What a silly question. Of course it does. The real question is how do you define “size”? Is size defined simply by how many books an agency or agent sells in year? Is size defined by the number of agents on board and the size of the support staff? Or… MORE


Hollywood Rant (Part Two)

Rant is late today. Too much wheelin’ and dealin’ going on at the agency to have time to Blog. Now New York is closed for the day so here I am. And just so folks know, I don’t do weekends. Back to Hollywood and that fifty-page contract from a major… MORE


Hollywood Rant (Part One)

I often pop my head in over at or and answer questions. Last week a writer posted that he was just about to send out his query and wanted to know the “good” agents who were aggressive in film rights because his novel “would make an excellent movie.”… MORE