Pub Rants

Ever The Optimist

As I mentioned in my last blog, I really do look at the glass and see it half-full. There have been many a fabulous story told of an author who self-published and then later had the book picked up by a traditional house. (I think Laurie Notaro and Christopher Paolini… MORE


Peek Inside the Agent Mind

I’m in the happy position of having sold all my recently submitted projects. Love when that happens. It also means I’ve got nothing in the pipeline to send out. I’m doing a lot of reading in the next couple of weeks to see if anything wonderful comes my way. I’ve… MORE


Query Madness (Cont.)

As you guys know, I have A LOT of email queries in my inbox. How can I not rant about this? So, some things that I’m noticing that turn me off. Maybe another agent would dig it but I doubt it. 1. Starting your query with a complaint. I don’t… MORE


What’s in a NO? Nothing.

Today was a holiday at the publishing houses in New York so not much going on in that arena. I had the most amazing weekend at the Landmark Forum. Maybe I’ll talk about it some time but right now I’m still digesting. The best part is that I’m having conversations… MORE


The Pampered Agent

I’m off doing some personal growth today (translation: pedicure followed by a scrumptious massage and then a Bombay Sapphire happy hour with Miss Snark). Ha! Caught you. Miss Snark is in Brooklyn; Agent Kristin is in Denver. You do the geography. Only a Blogosphere happy hour can happen here. But… MORE