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STATUS: Packing. Must head out to the airport in 15 minutes.

What song is playing on the ipod right now? HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE—by Sade

I’m actually really excited about our Chick Lit workshop now. Last night, Shanna and I worked on tweaking the PowerPoint presentation. We really added some cool things so as to talk about the current market.

Chick Lit may not be the “hot” market at the moment but it’s not going anywhere either. It’s still worth talking about.

Looking forward to hanging out with Lucienne Diver from Spectrum and Nephele Tempest from the Knight Agency. We have a little mini-happy hour planned this afternoon.

My authors Shanna Swendson and Jana DeLeon will be at the conference. We’ve got dinner plans on Saturday night.


I was trying to open some partials today to put them in the queue and I just wanted to say here, you really don’t have to tape the heck out of the envelope.

I’m talking about tape across the seal and then tape up the sides as well—so much in fact I can’t even slide a letter opener in there. I end up opening the bottom instead of the top except that sometimes that’s taped too!

People who do this are the same ones who tape down every edge and corner when wrapping birthday gifts, aren’t they?

Stop. Please. I don’t want to take 2 minutes to open your envelope. A little tape is fine. One piece just to secure.

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  1. M. G. Tarquini said:

    Dan Lazar at Writer’s House has a funny comment on his page at Publisher’s Marketplace that we’re mailing paper, not anthrax, so easy on the tape.

  2. Patrice Michelle said:

    You’ll have to tell us about the conference and your talk when you get back, Kristin.

    I don’t think Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy are the same thing. Yes, both can make you laugh out loud, but in different ways and for different reasons.

  3. MTV said:

    In defense of eileen’s statement –

    Listen – In this industry it doesn’t matter what you call it – it’s all marketing anyway, so call it what sells. It’s all about the spin – isn’t that what media is all about anyway.

    You guys are much too serious and definitional – personally I wouldn’t care what you call it – just as long as the editor says yes – AND the royalties show up!!!

    Of course, unless you are serious about writing the “great American novel” okay, fine – but then prepare for a battle – at least a battle of opinions.

    Quick test:
    True or False: The only initial opinion that counts is the editor who buys the mss.

    And, if he with the editorial board wants to say – hey this is pretty funny – we’re calling it Romantic Comedy – go with the flow – just make sure YOUR PR people know it. Oh yeah, and make sure it is funny enough – Maybe not all Chick Lit is Romantic Comedy, but could Romantic Comedy be Chick Lit – That’s the marketing turn that needs to be served!! That supports “New, Better and Different” and the publishing house!!


  4. Anonymous said:

    I’ve been wrapping mine in duct tape. I was wondering why they came back with “REJECTED” stamped across the unopened envelope.

  5. Anonymous said:

    There is a special on manuscript packages guaranteed to be impervious to all particles 35 microns or more. Strenuously tested, proven barrier to biological and chemical particles of said size.

    USA$6.95 each,
    or a writers’ discount of 10 for USA$79.95

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  6. Eileen said:

    I should learn to never comment in a hurry. I write chick lit and still can’t wrap my head what it is- the definition keeps changing- the main character must be 20 and have a shoe fetish, etc and now includes such a huge range including paranormal. A writing group up here had the arguement that the chick lit term was dead it should be called women’s humor fiction, romantic comedy was thrown around in the end no one could agree. At this point I am with mtv- call it whatever you like. I just hope people keep reading and buying.

  7. Dana Y. T. Lin said:

    My mom is a tape-a-holic. I hate getting packages from her. I usually end up throwing the thing against a wall, then stomping on it before I get out the kitchen shears. It’s very frustrating.

  8. Jpatrick said:

    Writers who hermetically seal their partial manuscripts HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH PEOPLE WHO HABITUALLY TYPE THEIR EMAILS IN ALL CAPS.