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Not an HTML Master

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As you can see, I’m finally fiddling with my template colors to make it match my website.

HTML master I am not. It’s still not right and even though I can get it to look right in the preview window when I make the template changes, I can’t seem to republish my blog and have the template look like it did in the preview.

So, if any of you are experts in this Blogspot Rounders template html, can you tell me how to switch the post block color to white (which is now green) and the actual website background that is white to the green of the post block.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Beth said:

    HMTL is a strange phenomenon. You can’t help but love it because you can do some very nifty things with it, but you also hate it with a passion because if you type so much as one wrong character, your whole script is doomed. The real fun starts when searching through a page full of commands for said mistake.
    I’ve dabbled with it for years, but am still pretty damn bad at it, to be honest. Almost all of the hmtl on my pages (like myspace, for instance) was copied and pasted from various websites offering pieces of code you can piece together yourself.
    It’s a life-saver.
    Good luck, Kristin!…..:-)

  2. Beth said:

    EEK, just for fun, I tried looking up how to effect template changes on this site. It’s CSS! Welcome to hell…lol

  3. Joely Sue Burkhart said:


    In your template, change the body background to #B6BD8A and then change the main and main2 backgrounds to #FFFFFF. I think that will do what you want! These colors look really nice together. 🙂


  4. Nancy said:

    The green is actually very soothing to the eyes and makes reading easy.

    For what it’s worth.


  5. Lady M said:

    Ayuh – I ran that gamut when I tried to change my template to something totally different – it worked wonderfully in Firefox but split up when using IE.

    Weird. Can’t figure it out either.

    So good luck.

  6. Agent Kristin said:

    Thanks Joely Sue!


    I actually did that last night and it didn’t work. I’m going to try again this morning when I don’t feel like throwing the computer across the room.

    I kept thinking that maybe there was something else or another part of the code I was missing.

    Looks great on preview. Just doesn’t show when I publish the blog.

  7. Agent Kristin said:


    I gave it a try Joely Sue.

    All it did was change the post area to white and the background didn’t change at all.

    I even tried to get the background to change to deep purple (like the blog heading) just to see if that did anything.

    I don’t know if there is something wrong in my html or what but I can’t change the background color or the post block color.

    I’ll have to leave it for now because I can’t waste the time to figure it out. If anybody else does, let me know.

  8. M. G. Tarquini said:

    Hi Kristin,

    Try doing a search and replace on ALL the colors you want changed. That’s my method. Copy your current template into a word processor doc so you don’t lose it. Make another copy of it for testing. Search for #FFFFFF and note where they are with a note to yourself in parenthesis (s/b green) EXCEPT for obvious TEXT colors (else you’ll change your side bar text color). Do the same with with #B6BD8A, make a note (s/b white). Now you search for ‘green’ and ‘white’. Do the color switch. Publish a test blog to see how it looks. Leave the notes to yourself until you get the look you want. They are your markers as to where you did what. They’ll appear on the test blog somewhere.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat. until it works.

    Or…you could check out the multitude of free blogger templates out there in the land of Google.

  9. RyanBruner said:


    I found several errors in your HTML/CSS code. I’m working it out, and I’ll e-mail you the modifications if you want once I have it how I THINK you want it.

  10. Cindy said:

    Hey, I checked back later and it looks great. White posting blocks, green background.

    Now you have to tell us how you did it.