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Working for the Weekend

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Status: One hour and half before the official start of the weekend. How could I not be happy?

I’m not sure why I’m getting excited about this. I always end up working on weekends. I honestly believe that my clients conspire about when they plan to deliver their next manuscripts.

In the last two weeks, I’ve received 6 manuscripts from my clients. Now I’m frantically reading during the evening because I don’t want anybody to have to wait too long for my comments or a response.

So this is a typical Kristin position on weekends–ensconced on the living room couch with my tablet PC and the wonder dog Chutney—who always helps to read the manuscripts.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. December Quinn said:

    And now I toddle off to bed with a Loverboy song in my head…(it’s twenty past eleven here in the UK)

    Resisting the urge to wear a red headband…

  2. Ewoh Nairb said:

    Love the dog… 🙂

    I’m still sitting here at my day-job-desk in SoCal. Working away and using my spare time to read my fav blogs.

    Have a great weekend all.

    If I get the chance to submit a manuscript to you in the future, I promise it will not be on a Friday. I believe that weekends should be sacred. I don’t practice that belief much, unfortunately, but I still believe it.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Happy weekend, Kristin! Question: How long does it usually take you to deliver feedback on a MS? I’ve been waiting 2+ months, and am feeling frustrated. I’ve spoken with my agent about this, in a friendly fashion, but the wheels aren’t turning any faster. How would you resolve this if you were me?

  4. Dan said:

    Looks like a good way to start the weekend. I’d prefer not to be working on the weekend, but that doesn’t always happen.

    Have a great weekend and don’t work too hard…

    Chutney looks like he would want to go to the park if you get a chance.

  5. Eileen said:

    Chutney’s got style. Give him a red pen and let him earn his kibble. If he’s ever up in Canada my two- Bailey and Kahlua would be happy to take him out for a night on the town while you get your work done.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Aw, look at the doggie! I totally need to teach my chihuahua to be useful like that *g*. Kristin, I have an agent-ey question for you…hope that’s all right. I sent a partial paranormal romance ms to a NY house a while back (they accept that sort of thing, yay), but would really like to find an agent to handle this project (on the ODD chance the NY folks take it), as well as any future endeavors. Is it ok to query an agent for a project you’ve already sent out? Forgive me for being a dork if you’ve already answered a similar question somewhere on this here nifty blog!
    Thanks a million for your time,

    A Confuzzled (Aspiring) Writer

  7. Bethany said:

    OMG, Chutney is a spitting image of my 4-legged friend. Kelsey (mine) is a fox and rat terrior mix…That face!

    Happy Weekend. While your reading manuscripts, I’ll be writing mine. 😉

  8. Anonymous said:

    Second Anon:

    Kristin has mentioned stuff like this before (see her entry on exclusive submissions). As long as you haven’t granted an exclusive submission on your full MS to anyone, keep on sending out those queries!

    In fact, if you get an agent before the publisher requests the full, then YOUR AGENT (whoo!) could send the full MS. Might give it a little more clout. 🙂

    – M

  9. Anonymous said:

    Second Anon says…I can’t believe I missed that post. I read them all yesterday, but maybe it’s like when you’re looking for your car keys. You look everywhere BUT the right place…lol

    So, thanks again, third anon, and thanks, Kristin, for answering all those questions we don’t even know we have yet…;-)

  10. nette said:

    In one of your recent posts (One Night of Queries) you mentioned that you suspect your agency information must be listed wrong somewhere, judging by the number of queries you get regarding projects you do not represent. I think I may have found one of the culprits…which brings me to my own current dilemma. I don’t want to be one of those wasting your time with a pointless query. So here are my thoughts for the day:

    I’m utterly confuzzled! I spent most of the morning researching your agency online (something I’ve been wanting to do all week), and now I’m not sure whether or not to send you a query letter. On, your listing says that you accept paranormal/time-travel romance, but on a page linked to The Passionate Pen (which is attached to your agency’s home page), it is stated that you do not currently take on such projects. What throws me, in this case, is that I don’t know which page was updated more recently. And maybe I’m just totally hopeful that your doors are still open…lol.
    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the web is so crowded with confliciting information on various editors and agents that a writer is sometimes more confused after doing their research than they were before ever opening their browser. The internet rocks, yes, but it can also throw you for a loop.
    Help, please? *whimper*

  11. yossarian said:

    Apparently all my agent’s clients besieged her with mss at once, as well. I’m still waiting…

    Anonymous 1: You and me, kid.

  12. Faith said:

    He’s a Fox Terrier, isn’t he? Sort of hard for me to be sure by the pic. I worked for both an animal shelter just outside Cincinnati and a vetrinarian.

    I’ve got a Chocolate Lab and a black lab mix. Throw four kids, a ferret and a solid white cat into the mix and this household can be quite crazy, LOL.

    I’ve been working through my weekend… 🙁

  13. Anonymous said:

    At least your dog helps you. My terrier does his best each night to convince me that I’m fully capable of typing one-handed (leaving the other hand for scratch his neck, of course.) 🙂