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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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STATUS: It has become clear to me that I need to start working some late nights. It’s the only way I can catch up on my reading.

What song is playing on the iPod right now? YOU’RE GONNA TO LOSE THAT GIRL by The Beatles

I promise. Last shots from RWA. Tomorrow I’ll get back to ranting. Sneak peeks and tips from our Literary Agent Cartel panel on Saturday. Should make for some good rants.

Just in case folks out there don’t think agents are real people who like to have fun, here are some candid shots from the always-fun Harlequin party at the Ritz-Carlton.

For the first time, I have party favors I might actually be able to use. They are little wineglass charms. Nice!

Agents Lucienne Diver and Jennifer Jackson shake their groove thing

Three’s company! Agents who like to dance: Lucienne Diver, Me, and Carolyn Grayson

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  1. Sam said:

    “You’re going to lose that squirrel…”

    As sung by my 11 yr. old daughter. We went to a faux Beatles concert this summer and she just loved that song – so she re-did the lyrics & sings it all the time now, lol!