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STATUS: It’s a Wednesday but feels like a Monday. Completely crazy. The only thing I absolutely had to do today was type up my feedback for a client. I’ve literally been on the phone since the a.m. and I’m still trying to find a moment to get this done. Hence, extremely short blog.

What song is playing on the iPod right now? I RAN by A Flock of Seagulls
(Ah, what memories of high school and new wave bands with very strange hair. Still, it’s kind of a cool classic now.)

A friend sent me this link this morning.

I made the Top Ten Blogs on Publishing & Writing!

Okay, I’ve never heard of Associated Content but you know how much I love top ten lists.

To be number 3—right up there with Miss Snark and Evil Editor. I have to admit, it kind of made my day.

And I even laughed over the description. I might be a little too sweet for some folks. He, he

Like too much sugar in your tea.

Guess they missed the shark in chick clothing.

And now if I can just get them to spell my name right…

24 Responses

  1. Anonymous said:

    Congrats on making the number 3 slot in a top ten list!

    I have to admit that Miss Snark and Evil Editor are my top 2 also. But then, if I haven’t run over my self-imposed blog-time limit, I check out yours and The Man In Black’s next.

    Thanks for being helpful and nice!

  2. Lexie Ward said:

    Hey! You can’t get too much sugar in your tea! But then I’m from the South…
    I check your blog every day and the other two only occasionally. So in my opinion, you are numero uno! Congratulations and thanks for all the help you give.

  3. kis said:

    I check here every day–along with MS and EE. Usually I save you til last. It makes for a better transition from Snarkling/Minion mode back to humanity. Don’t let people tell you you’re too nice. There’s no such thing.

  4. Kristin B said:

    Name spelled wrong? Nooo. That never happens to Kristins-with-an-i.

    Heck, my mom spelled my name wrong once. After that, I never took it personally again. 😉

  5. Kimber An said:

    I certainly couldn’t do your job! I love all my Crunchy Critters and almost all their stuff is good, but every once in a while I have to read something that’s so insanely boring I want to fall over in my chair and slip into a coma.

  6. Elektra said:

    Kimber, that’s one of the perks of agenting: you can reject the dulls ones whenever you like, and burn the unread portions in effigy (provided they didn’t send an SASE that is. Every once in a while they’ll burn them and then realize that the writer supplied postage, and–well, they have no choice but to offer representation. That’s really how all those bad books get published. The authors soak their fulls in lighter fluid before they send them out.)

  7. Lynne Simpson said:

    I adore reading Miss Snark and Evil Editor, but I find Agent Kristin’s blog more consistently useful. The series on Agenting 101 and the recent query letter analyses were so helpful that I saved them to disk in case they ever disappear from the ‘net.

  8. Kimber An said:

    By the way, I’ve learned from critting and being critted that the reason some stories are insanely boring is because of all the extra stuff buring the real story. Critting helps weed out the excess description, telling instead of showing, secondary characters on rabbit trails, and such. And that’s why we should all be in critterland! Having these things pointed out by a Crunchy Critter is far less painful than a form rejection letter from an agent or editer.

  9. Deadiquette said:

    Congratulations on the top ten!

    Imagine, two of my favorite “I wanna be their client when I can write something that doesn’t make me want to crawl in a hole and die” agents making the same highly recommended “who’s who in the blogosphere” list! At least I have good taste in SOMETHING besides ex-husbands and cabana boys.