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Now This Is A Heroine I Can Get Behind

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STATUS: A solid work day. No complaints. I’m off to the faculty bbq tonight for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference which officially starts tomorrow.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? HEAD OVER HEELS by Tears For Fears

Dorie Berenger is a southern Louisiana fun-as-heck heroine.

Obviously Romantic Times agrees! They just gave Jana DeLeon’s debut RUMBLE ON THE BAYOU 4 ½ stars. No mean feat.

And it’s a Top Pick.

RT had this to say:

“Rumble on the Bayou is a wonderful, poignant and fun mystery, with a strong romantic subplot, in which all the major characters act in intelligent and responsible ways, not taking stupid chances. Filled with likable and interesting individuals, this first-rate debut novel is a truly fantastic read.”

Amen and pass the gumbo.

12 Responses

  1. Hank Phillippi Ryan said:

    Wow–what a terrific review! In our newsroom office, we have a plastic alligator we call the Investi-Gator (I’m a television reporter, see…). We have always wondered if we could get away with tucking it into the background of every story and then see if anyone notices. (We haven’t done it, of course…)
    Congratulations on your wild success!

  2. Jana DeLeon said:

    Thanks everybody! I have to say – I’m really stoked!

    Hank – that is so funny about your alligator. I include a stuffed alligator in my giveaway that I call The Insta-Gator. He’s my alter-ego and those that know me say it fits. 🙂

  3. Hank Phillippi Ryan said:

    Let’s bring our gators when we finally get to meet! Looking forward to it. See you later, um…

    xoxo Hank

  4. Colleen Gleason said:

    The cover is great, but the book is even better.

    It’s hard to do good humor that’s not forced or keystone-cops. Jana does it. The book is hilarious; I read it before Jana sent it to Kristen and was with friends for a long weekend, and they kept asking me what I was reading that was so funny. I had to tell them they’d have to wait until it was published to read it. 🙂

    But now you’ll all be able to read it. I can’t wait!