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A Halloween Treat

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STATUS: It’s not even 8 a.m. yet. What do you think my status is? Barely awake.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? WHAT IS LOVE? By Haddaway

Last week Ally Carter got an email and a picture from a fan and I just couldn’t resist.

Since I’D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU BUT THEN I’D HAVE TO KILL YOU is her favorite book in the whole world, this fan is going as a Gallagher Girl for Halloween.

Liz to be exact.

She compares it to being way a head of the curve because come 2007, dressing as a Gallagher Girl is going to be so last year.

With her and her mother’s permission, here she is.

That’s just so darn cute; I need to pinch something!

And as an extra special treat, here are the hubby and I in some pics from Halloween past. (And if that is not enough to frighten you… I don’t know what will).

Happy Halloween!

24 Responses

  1. joanr16 said:

    How totally cool, to inspire a young person to dress as one of your characters for Halloween!

    And Leia and “little buddy,” hilarious!

  2. Kendall said:

    Love the Velma & Shaggy; I see a media theme to your costumes…. 😉

    Rock on! Now I have to go buy What Is Love from iTunes Store….

  3. Kim said:

    Ok – was it just me or did anyone else picture those two head-bobbing guys from Saturday Night Live when they heard what was on the iPod?

    Great pictures! I’m trying to get my other half to dress up with me and the kids – we’re getting close!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. katiesandwich said:

    Kim: No, I didn’t picture the bobbing head guys; I pictured my old friend Jeremy doing the bobbing head thing at our school dances. Kristin, are you Princess Leia there? Awesome! Now I definitely have to send you a query!

    Not that anyone cares, but my 2 year old is going as Little Red Riding Hood, and my 1 year old as Batman.

  5. Tawna Fenske said:

    Oooh, thanks for the idea for next Halloween. Somehow I think my husband might appreciate dressing as Scooby Doo characters more than he enjoyed our John and Lorena Bobbitt costumes (though for the record, I did allow him to choose the sausage I carried in my breast pocket for that occasion!)

    Thanks for sharing the photos, and happy Halloween!


  6. FighterGirl said:

    So the two lines I actually remember from “Moonlight Lady” have now been replaced in my head(all day) by Haddaway. And yes, I have been bobbing my head. I don’t care if my kids are embarrassed. Happy Halloween:-)

  7. Anonymous said:

    Doh! For some strange reason, I was thinking it was the Statue of Liberty. It is more than obvious that you were Leia (now that others enlightened my numb brain).

    My Blog

  8. Imelda said:

    Three cheers for the best Princess Leia I’ve ever seen and three more for a husband who dresses up with you.

    And now I have a new aim in life – to have a teenage fan so in love with my book that they dress up like the characters!

    Thanks for sharing!