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Myth Buster #4—Anybody Say Launch Party?

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STATUS: Tomorrow I have an auction happening and late on last Friday, I got a first offer for a different submission I currently have out. Deals are in the fall, crisp air!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? CHURCH OF THE POISON MIND by Culture Club

What about all those publishing parties, say you? Surely that’s yet another advantage to being an agent located in New York. There are all those extra networking opportunities at launch parties, book store events, and whatnot, to make business happen.


Do you know what agents, editors, and other industry folks do at launch parties and other publishing events? They have fun. They drink. They eat and generally talk about all sorts of things that have nothing to do with publishing.

And there are all kinds of other secrets I could share about what goes down at those parties and who might have partied too much but alas, to paraphrase a line from ALMOST FAMOUS again, there are some things that’s good for a few people to know rather than millions. This would be one of them.

(And I know I don’t have a million-person readership. I just wanted to use the line!)

8 Responses

  1. pennyoz said:

    mmmmm there’s a little word there that kinda gives it all away…

    down = and two spellings to a word starting with m. one of them is morale.


  2. December Quinn said:

    Actually, I suspect that if you were to post an indiscreet piece of gossip, millions would find out about it pretty quickly. Gossip flies fast on the net.
    And you have more readers than you think, I bet.

  3. joelle said:

    Ahhh…Culture Club. We must be the same age. Did you see they’re recording a new album and going on tour, without Boy George? Trust me, I have a life. It was a Yahoo headline for two or three days.

  4. LadyBronco said:

    I think it’s safe to say that at most industry parties, regardless of the industry, fun happens rather than business. Besides, I usually learn more about what’s happening within my organization at a party that I ever would during the course of a work day.

    Verif: tarzspt
    Tar spit? hahahaha!