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Network For The 21st Century

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STATUS: Oh yes, it is super late a night but since it’s going to be a short blog week with the holiday and all, I didn’t want to miss today as well.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? SAN ANDREAS FAULT by Natalie Merchant

Today was the big conversion over to the brand spanking new network, dedicated server, Cisco systems mega firewall, and all that jazz. (I’m sure you techies out there understand VPN and a whole host of terms I’m slowly learning.) With the ability to be accessed from anywhere in the world by multiple users, it’s a network to rival anything at any large company.

I’m excited and exhausted all at the same time.

Conceivably, Sara or I can be anywhere on the planet and still be able to access the network, work, all so business can flow seamlessly. That’s the plan anyway.

Once a few little kinks are worked out… From what I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks, a new network isn’t like flipping a switch and voila, you have access. It entailed a lot of new equipment and hours of techie time.

But it’s in. Thank goodness. For almost three straight days, I had only sporadic access to my email and all my files. (Don’t worry, every thing was backed up to the hilt before the transfer but hey, things slip through the cracks.)

Speaking of, we should have transferred everything seamlessly for all the queries sent to on November 16, 2006 and after.

However, if you don’t hear a response from us in about 10 days (and you haven’t spam blocked us or done something silly like request we click on a link to have our email sent through), you’ll want to resend that query.

So toast our new network. It’s just one more way Nelson Literary Agency is using technology to advantage.

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous said:

    Re: e-queries sent Nov. 16 and after…are you still working on ones from before that or do you mean you were caught up to then before the transfer? I sent one Nov. 5th, but haven’t heard. Not that I think that’s a long time or anything!!!! I’m just wondering if it disappeared.

  2. Zany Mom said:

    Hmmm. Now you’re making me want to upgrade my own office’s network. Last I checked it’s going to run me >$4K. Maybe I’d better see how the $3K sign works first…

  3. Anonymous said:

    Hmm. November 16th and after?

    I sent a query on October 24th and haven’t heard back yet — so I’ll assume it’s lost in cyber space and resend this week.