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A Heads Up For The Holidays

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STATUS: TGIF! I might actually take the evening off (as opposed to all my other nights this week where I’ve worked until 10 p.m.). Unfortunately, I’ll need to work through the weekend. All for a good cause though. Time off for good behavior starting on Dec. 15.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? ONE WEEK by Barenaked Ladies

Yep, you read that correctly. Nelson Literary Agency is shutting down on Dec. 15th and won’t reopen until Jan. 2, 2007. Just wanted to give you folks a week’s heads up.

I did this last year and I have to say it was a real sanity booster to just take the time off. No queries, not sample pages, no blogging, no nothing.

Just time to read for pleasure. I can hardly wait. (Actually that’s not completely true because I may still have to deal with a couple of client-related issues the following week but for the outside world, we won’t be around.)

Rest assured, I do plan to read the three full manuscripts I’ve requested. I have every intention of following up with all queries letters sent to me up to Dec. 14. I also plan to respond to all sample pages mailed to us before we leave for the holidays and when we reopen on Jan. 2, it’s all electronic, baby.

Aren’t I afraid of missing out on the next big thing by not accepting or reading queries during the holidays?


If I missed something good, oh well. Another great project that’s right for me will be just around the corner in 2007.

Happy Eggnog chugging!

14 Responses

  1. McKoala said:

    In Europe and in Oz a one-to-two week break is common over the holiday period. The best holiday of the year. With so many other people also on holiday you can actually see your desk when you come back to work, unlike after summer vacations when your desk is completely buried by the work that everybody else has dumped on it!

    Happy holidays, I hope it’s a refreshing break for you.

  2. cm allison said:

    I also wish you a very enjoyable time off, although my envy is enormous! (My boss does not allow any time off for any EMPLOYEE from Thanksgiving to New Years except Christmas and New Years day. Note this does not apply to the boss….)

    Have a great one!
    cm allison

  3. Manic Mom said:

    Good for you! I too, have shut down for the rest of the year. Yes, I know, it’s a sad day when Manic Mom is holding off on the querying, but the agents will still be there in 2007, and my mind will be clear, so my dream agent is just going to have to wait a little while longer before we find one another, but it’s soon, I can tell!

    Happy holidays! You’re giving Sarah time off too, I hope (Sara with an H or without?)

  4. Anonymous said:

    I hope you have a really restful time away from work. I took the month of December off, and it’s been wonderful so far! Of course, I’m home with two little ones, so “off” is relative. 😉 Still, nice to step away from the inbox!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Just curious…do you find you get holiday themed queries hitting you in one big sandblast at this point? Is everyone and their grandmother perking up and trying to write the next big heartwarming literary feast?

  6. Kiskadee said:

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted here before but I wanted to say thank you for your sage advice and general “niceness”. My agent decided not to shop my novel before the holidays and will wait for January – I was disappointed at first, but now it feels so good to be free of the nail-biting which has been with me for six months! Feels just like a holiday.
    I wish you a great holiday season with lots of well-deserved rest and much joy.
    And heaps of nice new clients and contracts in 2007!

  7. Babe King said:

    Enjoy the well-earned break. Of course you need a rest sometimes. You are still human, right? I mean underneath the usual wonder-girl cape.

  8. lizzie26 said:

    Don’t blame you a bit, Kristen. We all need a sanity break. As a writer, I do that about twice a year, for a week. Nothing to do with writing; just read, listen to music, and do anything else not pertaining to my profession.

    Happy holidays, Kristen and everyone! (And Kristen, I truly enjoy your blog.)