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Foiled By United Airlines

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STATUS: I’m in New Brunswick, New Jersey and it’s raining. That pretty much sums it up (and no offense to any Rutgers alumni). It does look like it would be a pretty town otherwise. I’m actually getting a kick out of the free bus system, the fun New England style downtown, and the local Starbucks because my laptop refuses to connect to any of the free public wifi (a mystery!). Who knew that my new tablet pc was a wifi snob?

What’s playing on the iPod right now? THIS IS IT by Kenny Loggins
(Hubby got me a lime green iPod shuffle to take on the road with me. I LOVE it. It holds 260 songs.)

I’ve been blogging for a year and three months and yesterday was the first time I didn’t get a chance to post an entry. Blame it on United Airlines and the weather.

My flight East was 3 ½ hours late so instead of landing in La Guardia by 6:30 p.m. (with plenty of time for evening blogging), my plane landed at 10 p.m. at night.

With no luggage.

Oh yes, you heard that right. My suitcase was not on my plane. Ah, the joy of 24-hour Walmart was sure to be in my future. But I got lucky. A quick check with the baggage claim person assured me that no, I simply had to wait another half hour for flight 406 to arrive from Denver. My luggage was on that plane.

Eyebrow raise. Silly me. I assumed that because of security measures, a person’s bag had to be on the same plane as the person.

But what the heck. 406 was going to La Guardia too. What difference did it make? Well, an hour actually—and late at night to boot.

So, my ride and I waited for the bag. Thank goodness it did come on flight 406. I think I would have been a little miffed had I waited for this next flight and the bag wasn’t on the plane.

But I was saved the late night Walmart stop but didn’t reach my hotel until after 1 a.m. By that time, blogging was the last thing on my mind.

So, happy Friday. I should be back on Monday in good form to regale you with tales of my editor meetings and any hot tips and good gossip about the publishing industry that I can glean.

In the meantime, one of my authors, Hank Phillippi Ryan, is part of a new blog called the Jungle Red Writers with three other mystery writers (Rosemary Harris, Jan Brogan, and Hallie Eprhon). If this is your genre, you might want to check it out.

15 Responses

  1. Anonymous said:

    Don’t let the rain fool you. That’s what it looks like all the time. 😀 (Rutgers Alumni here)


  2. Anonymous said:

    I had the same thing happen to me with luggage. If you’re insistent enough, the airline will deliver your bags to your hotel. Try a New Yorker attitude instead of Midwestern politeness.

  3. Ryan Field said:

    I used to fly between Philadelphia and Boston. Now I just drive because it’s less stressful and actually quicker.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Two words: American Airlines. And because writers can never limit themselvs to a word count, they will deliver your bags if they’re not on the flight YOU were SUPPOSED to be on (if YOU changed voluntarily, then they’re your responisbility).

  5. Kimber An said:

    I feel your pain. I call it ‘Aviation Time-Warp’ and I know it well because I live there. I’m married to a pilot. I can attest to the fact that Saints are amateurs when it comes to patience!

  6. katiesandwich said:

    That happened to my friend when our group got back from England. Everyone else had their luggage, but the airlines didn’t even know where hers was. They said they’d mail it to her when they found it.

    On a completely different note, I accidentally deleted my March newsletter before I even got to read it. Anybody want to volunteer to forward a copy to I would love you forever if you did!

  7. Alison Ashley Formento said:

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at the conference—hope the hotel is better than your airline woes.

    Katiesandwich, FYI:
    I just forwarded you a copy of the newsletter, just so you know you’re not getting spammed by a stranger.

  8. Cindy Procter-King said:

    Wow, you’re lucky with luggage. I had mine lost for over twenty-four hours once, and when it finally made it to the hotel, it looked like a tractor had driven over it. My husband just went on a biz trip, and his partner is waiting coming up on 24 hours for the rest of his luggage, too.

    Looking forward to the NYC posts.


  9. janet said:

    Wow. … you’re stuck in New Brunswick… I just checked out your website after reading your blurb on the New England Chapter Romance Writer’s conference website, looking to see if your agency handles work like my book… nonfiction stories about being a homeless advocate in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Weird. Well, if I ever submit, now you’ll know what the town looks like 🙂

  10. Daryl Andrews said:

    For me, it is the Dallas to Newark flight.

    Every… Single… Time…

    As soon as I get the email from corporate travel telling me I have to fly that direction I know…

    5 Hours of delay, buying useless magnets and bad Burger King are in my immediate future.

  11. bookshop said:

    I will continue my tradition of leaving creepy comments on years-old posts!

    I just wanted to say, re Jungle Red, that the very-obvious reference to The Women makes me extremely happy. I’ve been finding so many fantastic blogs linked from yours, Kristin. Fantastic blogs + homages to fantastic movies = blogs and writers that I will be reading avidly! 😀