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Will Critique For Charity

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STATUS: I got to the office early just so I could tackle business details this morning and ack. It’s almost 11 a.m. and I’m still reviewing the books.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? EDGE OF SEVENTEEN by Stevie Nicks

I’m constantly trying to drive home the fact that most agents don’t have time to critique—either sample pages or queries. Sometimes we’ll give feedback on full manuscripts but that’s about it.

Except… I always find the time to do a critique if it’s for charity. So, if you’ve always dreamed of an Agent critique, here’s your chance.

Last year I did two charity critiques—spending an hour to two hours reading the winner’s first 50 pages carefully. I made detailed notes on the pages, and I wrote up an extensive revision letter. All positive and encouraging but also honest on why I would have passed if I had requested these sample pages. (And maybe this year I’ll get some exciting pages from an auction winner and I’ll request the full. It can happen!)

If this sounds like your cup of tea, it’s time to check out best-selling author Brenda Novak’s diabetes auction. For me, it’s also very personal. One of my best friends in the world and my brother-in-law suffer from diabetes so I’m particularly eager to participate in this charity function every year.

My donated critique isn’t up on the site quite yet since I just sent in my materials but check back in the next two weeks or so and it will be there.

Auction happens May 1-31st, 2007.

And if you are an author/editor/agent and have something to contribute, please join me.

8 Responses

  1. Kathy said:

    Kristin- This sounds like a great cause. thanks for the heads up. I think it is a personal issue for a ton of people, as diabetes continues to grow…

  2. Anonymous said:

    I just wanted to say, that the Brenda Novak annual auction for Juvenille Diabetes Research is an amazing thing. The funds raised are for a very important cause. And where else do you have the opportunity to do something good for yourself while you’re doing something so important for others.

    I have participated in the auction for both of the last two years, being the very, very lucky person that won the auction item last year to have Brenda as a mentor for the full year. Her guidance has touched me in so many ways – both professionally and personally.

    And I know from those I have met during the year, many, many, many editors/agents/authors are very excited to have this opportunity to help others through sharing their skills and giving coaching. I would encourage any one wishing to move their writing career forward to definately mark their calendars for May and participate as much as they can – it will change you in amazing ways you will never expect!

    Kellie Finley

  3. Anonymous said:

    I just wanted to let people know about Rachel Vater. On occasion, she will ask for people to send in their query letters for her to critique. She just did this last week and boy was it an eye opener. I found that I was definitely not getting the point of my story across! So, if you want some free advise, check her website, which Kristin links on her page. It really helped a lot of people.

  4. Anonymous said:


    Get Jennifer O’Connell to donate an autographed novel. Or better yet, an autographed head shot… she is beautiful! (I’m a big fan.)

  5. Jennifer O'Connell said:

    Well, now that mention it…I’ve donated autographed books to Brenda’s auction the last few years and am doing so again this year. My grandmother had diabetes and I remember all of the complications it caused. If donating a few books helps, I’m all for it.
    Jennifer O’Connell