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Pics from Book Expo

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STATUS: TGIF! This probably doesn’t mean much since I plan to work this weekend just to get back on track still I love the idea of it.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? WONDER by Natalie Merchant

Obviously you’ll see there is a theme to my BEA Pictures but what can I say, it’s a lot of fun to see my clients’ books being featured by their Publishers.

Here’s Kim with her poster. I’m thinking nice placement next to Lisa Jackson—even if the books aren’t remotely similar.

This is my favorite picture of Hank (although she’ll probably disagree). She just looks like she’s having a blast in the Harlequin booth and who is that next to her? A Linda Lael Miller sighting!

Hyperion even had their posters lit up for maximum effect at BEA. Here’s Ally’s poster.

There is also a pic of the two of us and the poster but the flash didn’t quite go off. Dark, menacing figures… or maybe we just needed to hide our identities.

Here’s Stacey Ballis and Jennifer O’Connell doing a signing and who do they find standing in their line for an autographed copy? Megan McCafferty! Now that’s a great fan to have.

Just call us the color-coordinated girls (and no, we didn’t plan this. I swear). Mari and Kristin get their red on for this shot at the Dorchester booth.

Who says that Girls just want to have fun? Jennifer O’Connell worked hard at BEA. Here she again but this time with her co-author Vicki King for the Adams Media Divorced Girls’ Society signing. Don’t let this pic fool you. Signing is hard work!

And here’s a great shot with their terrific editor Jennifer Kushnier:

And it’s back to our regular scheduled programming next week (unless I have a couple more shots I can’t resist posting on the blog).

7 Responses

  1. Derrick said:

    Oh Kristin,

    I could feel the energy and the excitement of the BEA from looking at these photos! I hope that someday I will be able to do this with my own novel.

    Be sure to get plenty of rest now!

  2. Vicki said:

    Love the pictures. The work may be hard but they all look like they are loving every minute of it.

    Now to picture myself standing there beside a poster of my book…oh yeah, love that thought 🙂

    Okay, back to the wip…gotta get it to the coveted “the end” in order to do the above.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and Kristin sorry that you’re working on the weekend.

  3. OpenChannel said:

    Looks exciting. I like the lit up posters from Hyperion. Very cool.

    I’m going to photoshop my own image in one of these so I can visualize the day… haha.

  4. Anonymous said:

    You know, I hate to be a party pooper, but I don’t know what any of these people look like, so I have no idea who is who. There is a reason the newspapers use the (l to r) type of captioning, to let readers know who is who.