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STATUS: The word “frenetic” keeps popping to mind this week. I try not to get caught up into that feeling of “too much to do and not enough time.” I’ve had to work a little harder at it this week.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? WHAT YOU NEED by INXS

About once or twice a month I check the email account that is associated with the blog. Usually it’s just filled with spam (isn’t that the truth) but every once in a while I’ll get a written request from a person who would like to use information from my blog in a newsletter or on their blog or whatever.

Isn’t that nice? The person actually thought to ask but to be honest folks, you don’t need to. What’s on the blog is free information. It’s there so that you will use it and share it—otherwise why would I blog? Besides, it’s not like I can stop you. All I ask is that you either attribute the information to me or provide a link so that your readers can see the original post for the source.

I remember being really surprised a couple of months ago when one of my clients sent me a San Francisco Chronicle article and there I was–quoted as a source in the article. It was taken from my blog. I was kind of flattered but I was also a bit disconcerted that what the writer had chosen to quote was a blog comment made 8 months previously (like nothing had changed over the year, really!) Maybe email me for an update if it is a time sensitive comment like an insight into a current trend or something like that. Lots can change in a very short time.

But other than that, feel free to use, disseminate, link to, or whatever.

10 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Byler Younts said:

    K-I think your blog is great. I had the opportunity to meet you at the Pikes Peak conf last year (this year I had a baby the same weekend, so couldn’t attend!) and thought it was neat that you were based in Denver since I live in the Springs. Of course, via the interenet you could be located anywhere and still provide your helpful info.

    I have a link to your blog from mine…you do provide info that is very practical for aspiring writers. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to provide us a window into your world.


  2. Reid said:

    Your blog is a must-read for me. For those of us trapped in the middle of the world between New York and California, it really helps to be able to read the blog of someone we hope to work with one day.

    I pour over your blogs like the Zapruder film, searching for any clues to publication. I appreciate every word. Thanks!

  3. Vicki said:

    I tell writers and readers about your blog all the time. You give us such a fresh and honest look into your world.

    While you are snarky at the same time you will call things as they are and I for one appreciate that.

    I’ve also linked you on my blog for others to find you.

  4. Rylie :0) said:

    after reading this post, i’m so going to link back to your blog… it’s just so informative, since i’m working on my first manuscript and hoping to finish for a writer’s conference i’m attending in October up here in Canada… i hope you keep posting here, but work does come first


  5. OpenChannel said:

    rylie, I assume you mean the Surrey Writers’ Conference? Did you notice that Kristin is actually one of the presenters? I’m all over that!

    Kristin, I’ve had a link to your site since the first day I started a blog. I hope to meet you at the conference so I can thank you in person. It was because of your sound advice that I moved forward with my query process and found the agent of my dreams. I can’t thank you enough!

  6. OpenChannel said:

    Oh, and a question this entry brings up. If anyone can answer this, please do!

    With all the instant info being written (and displayed on video) on the internet, what happens to copyright? Say I post an original poem in my blog, is it then complete public domain? What if someone publishes it somewhere else as their own? I hadn’t actually thought much about this until Kristin’s entry.

  7. I am not a lawyer said:

    With all the instant info being written (and displayed on video) on the internet, what happens to copyright?

    The author still retains copyright. It’s really not much different (in theory) from printing out your poem on a bunch of fliers and posting them on supermarket bulletin boards. Fair use will allow some quoting for certain purposes, but if someone else wants to use your work, they need your permission. If they copy and paste your work into their blog or book or whatever without attribution, that’s copyright infringement. Just because you’ve chosen to present it publicly does not diminish the fact that you created it and that it is your intellectual property.

  8. Ryan Field said:

    As a writer I’d never use anything without asking permission first. This is sacred territory for me. I’ve actually been in this situation, where I asked a blogger if I could quote him for a review, and he declined for his own personal reasons. Of course I understood and let it go.

  9. OpenChannel said:

    ryan, absolutely! I wouldn’t dream of using someone else’s material without crediting them (and the nice thing about the internet is you can give credit and a link to their site).

    It always surprises me when I see it happen. A friend of mine found something I had written on someone else’s site with no credit. I just let it go because it wasn’t anything important to me.

  10. Rylie :0) said:

    of course i mean the Surrey Writer’s Conference… it’s my first time going and i’m so excited… when i found out Kristin was going to be there i was so surprised… i can’t wait to go