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STATUS: Another phone day at the office. I have a submission that is causing some excitement but hey, that’s good.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? DON’T LET IT BRING YOU DOWN by Annie Lennox

How does this happen? I find myself going to yet another conference next week. I’ve done something like 5 or 6 already this year. I’m actually planning a conference hiatus for next year (except for Backspace, I still plan to be there).

This is all so spontaneous; I haven’t even had a chance to update the Nelson Agency website yet. So where am I off to? St. Louis. Yep, my hometown (and Laurel K. Hamilton’s as well). I couldn’t resist going and seeing the family.

Worldcon (the big science fiction convention) is going to be in Japan this year which means they also schedule a North American smaller version as well. This year it’s in Collinsville (just outside of St. Louis).

Besides, all of you know that I’m looking to build my list in SF&F.

Click here for the info on Archon. Click here for the program schedule. Yours truly is on three panels. Yikes. I need to prepare.

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  1. Kimber An said:

    Ugh. I feel your pain. Cramming the schedule, re-shuffling, re-prioritizing, squeezing this in there and that over there…oy.

    Good to hear about the Sci-Fi/Fantasy thing though. I hope that applies to Young Adult. I have one coming on-line September 1st. The funny thing is I’m more freaked out about meeting my self-imposed deadline than any potential rejection letters. I’m pushing myself hard to see if I can do this well and on deadline, just like real authors do.

    If I ever get to go to a Science Fiction convention, I am so totally going as a Klingon. K’plah!

  2. j h woodyatt said:

    “Besides, all of you know that I’m looking to build my list in SF&F.”

    Yes, but it might help to know what kind of SF&F you’d like to see. Who knows? It’s possible (I won’t say “likely” yet) some of us getting ready to query agents who are looking to build their list in SF&F.

  3. joycemocha said:

    I’m halfway planning to go to Denvention next year. Timing’s better than Nipponcon this year (public school teacher, Labor Day weekend conventions don’t work for me…).

    What kind of SF and F are you looking for? Might could get some queries, y’know…

  4. David said:

    Do you ever attend MileHiCon?

    And what everyone else asked about the sf/f specifics. We’re all being so casual about it.

  5. Rob said:

    A fellow StL transplant? Awesome. Of course I moved to Atlanta. I went to college near Collinsville (SIU-Edwardsville)

    Is there any chance you will be at the DragonCon in Atlanta this year? There are 13 authors currently on the guest list, but I don’t know if they will have agents. Aside from the convention, I plan to attend the Writer’s Workshop (wanting feedback on a SF/F work in progress).

  6. Karen said:

    Kristin– if you haven’t already been, try to find some time to go up in the Gateway Arch. The view is stupendous!

  7. Richard White said:


    I’ll see you there. I’ll be one of the people who’s looking for the transporter to the next panel (I’m on 16 and possibly 17 panels over the four days. . . eeek!)

    It doesn’t appear I’m on any panels with you, but I’m doing two with Laurell K Hamilton and two with Barbara Hambly. Also, I’m on the “How to Create Unforgettable Characters” Workshop with Linnea Sinclair.

    All in all, it looks to be an exhausting but fun convention.

    See you there.

  8. Carol Dollar Smith said:

    Say it isn’t so!

    I hate to think you won’t be doing any conferences next year. The session you and Sara did on queries in Dallas was the best one I attended hands down.

  9. Anonymous said:

    Are you going to World Fantasy this year? There’s a slight possibility my fantasy novel manuscript might be ready to actually pitch by then.

  10. Anonymous said:

    Kristin–Need some practical information here: How long, on average, does it take for a novel to sell to a publisher? Is 2 to 6 months about right?

  11. bran fan said:

    I, too, would like more info on exactly how you’re trying to build your SF/F list. What are you looking for?

  12. Gail said:

    If I had a million dollars… or sold my sf/f series for a lot of money *he he he* I’d attend all the sci fi cons. 🙂 I went to Shoreleave a couple weeks ago, and i love it, but I’ve heard Dragoncon is amazing. I’m learning more about the smaller ones, and bigger ones, and then I curse the day job and the miniscule size of my bank account. LOL

  13. Linnea Sinclair said:

    I’m on twelve panels at ARCHON. I was on (lucky) thirteen but I begged off one of the 11pm ones. I just can’t see myself still being coherent at that point.

    Richard, I look forward to meeting you on the Characters panel! And yep, my transporter is going to be caffeine-fueled.


  14. Anonymous said:

    You are so amazing, you go girlie. Brian and I had a conversation about you just yesterday! Enjoy the trip, see you in September (hopefully). Julie Lee