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STATUS: I actually spent most of last night reading sample pages. I might actually be caught up after this weekend. This idea shouldn’t excite me but it does. I’ve been feeling the guilt for making writers wait for a response. I may be guilt-free by Monday. That will last for about 2 weeks…

What’s playing on the iPod right now? FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE by The Cure
(Okay, even I think the coincidence is a little strange.)

I’m just shaking my head. I’m now dubbing it The Thigh-high Stocking controversy. It has yet to end.

Smart Bitches now has close to 500 comments on the issue. If you’ve got some time, like a couple of hours (because you’ll need it), you can read all about it.

The news even made the GalleyCat blog today.

Personally, I’m hoping those two simply laugh all the way to the bank. Show your support for Liz and Mari and go buy their books. And if you don’t agree, well then, don’t buy their books. Simple enough.

I also want to point out a new blog I just discovered, and here’s the embarrassing part. I only discovered it because Joe had some awfully nice things to say about me although in general he thinks agents are evil incarnate.

Okay, I made that up…

Joe of Publishing 2020 is the Vice President and Executive Publisher of the Professional/Trade division of New York publisher John Wiley & Sons. So what I’m saying is that this guy is a bit of a gearhead and is in the know…

And I bet you blog readers didn’t realize that Sara, my amazing assistant, also blogs over there on our myspace page. She’s giving out a lot of good information for free so you might want to check it out.

TGIF folks!

17 Responses

  1. Celeste said:

    I thought the costumes were totally fun! And who’s to say everyone has to market their books this same exact way? If the shoe fits, wear it, and if it doesn’t? Well, don’t!

  2. Anonymous said:

    500 comments? There are starving children in the world, malaria run rampant, people killing themselves with bombs in Iraq…

    ….and THIS is what they choose to get upset about? Pu-leeze.

  3. Nonny said:


    I think that’s the most nonsensical internet drama in the romance community I’ve seen to date. Really, who the hell cares if they dress up? It’s not like they were particularly scandalous anyway — some of us dress like that normally. *rolls eyes*

  4. Anonymous said:

    What I don’t understand is the reasoning that declares a shirt, tie, mini-skirt, stockings and shoes more ridiculous and shameless than a giant black swan hat.

    That, more than anything, creates ‘disrespect’ for the romance literature industry.

  5. Anonymous said:

    So there are romance writers who are concerned that these women are somehow disgracing the genre by having a good time promoting their books? Nora Roberts included? When I saw the photo I thought, “what fun people, I bet their books are fun too.” Good for them for generating all that free PR.

  6. Anonymous said:

    I think they’re worried that if that sort of publicity campaign works well, writing will become a beauty-sport of sorts, like other things have (movies/television, music, everything else…) and many are not confident in their physical appearance. So, I think it’s sort of a subconscious fear at work that’s driving people to criticize these women in hopes that they’re not ill-fated because they don’t feel picturesque enough to wear pink stockings and dress like their characters.

  7. Anonymous said:

    I thought the core issue was whether or not it was appropriate attire at *that* venue (RWA Nationals.)

    Apparently, at RT the outfits were a hit, and they will continue to be a hit at Comiccon. Might just be an issue of *where* the outfits were worn not *why* they were worn.

  8. kris said:

    Those costumes are every bit as important, elegant, and serious as the romance genre those writers symbolize. I say they should dress like Red Riding Hood, and discover if any wolves are in the mood for a snack.

  9. joycemocha said:

    All I have to say is, dear God, I hope those folks never go to a science fiction convention.

    Granted, most writers don’t do the costume thing, but enough of them costume, and filk, and other fun stuff….

  10. Kris Eton said:

    I would go with the first anonymous poster. I think there is controversy because many writers are not cute, young, and slim enough to pull off such a costume. Therefore, they want to be on an even playing field with all the authors at the convention. Not fair to them if they wear a size 16 and couldn’t pull off thigh highs without looking ridiculous.

    You have ‘older’ female writers who find this type of dress at a ‘serious’ event to be tasteless. They also might be the same women who believe in white shoes only after Memorial Day, slips under dresses at all times, and no bare legs (always stockings!). The type that don’t understand people who wear jeans to church, etc.

    Times change. And it is hard for some to accept that, I guess. Personally, I would not wear a costume. But that’s me. If someone else wants to, why not?

  11. Anonymous said:

    I’m concerned about the way the “500 comments” are being taken. These were NOT 500 comments railing against the costumes. These were 500 comments discussing the issue of costumes in general as touched off by these costumes at this particular event. The REASON these costumes are interesting to discuss is BECAUSE they’re not blatantly offensive. Many people who would rather not see costumes at this event *liked* these costumes. That’s an interesting thing to discuss–is there a line? If so, where? And for whom? That’s a fine discussion. For people who are professionals or aspire to be professionals, it’s a very good discussion to have. Asking yourself: what do I think is the best way to approach costumes?

    These were not 500 *complaints*. These were 500 *COMMENTS*. Just like this blog discussion has (at this moment) 12 comments. Anonymous 2:52 said that commenting on this topic is a horrible misuse of time. Yet–Anonymous 2:52 said that in the form of a COMMENT!! Sheesh. Calm down, people.

  12. a writer said:

    Yes, indeed. “Calm down.” Says the poster who claims he/she is “concerned” about the wording of the original post. 😉

  13. Anonymous said:

    No, I wasn’t concerned about the wording of the original post. I was concerned about the comments that followed assuming that those 500 comments were 500 complaints. Complaints and comments aren’t the same thing.

  14. Lisa Hunter said:

    Here’s proof I lived in New York too long. I saw the photo in GalleyCat and didn’t realize the outfits were costumes. I used to have co-workers who dressed like that every day, for the office.

  15. Linnea Sinclair said:

    I’ll ring in in support of the Shomi gals. I was at RWA National and found them adorable. Great promo idea and, gosh-golly-gee, fun.

    I’m one of those older women who is not quite a size 16 and since I’m in Florida, I wear white shoes whenever I want. I couldn’t fit my left toe into one of those outfits. But I still liked them and the promo concept.

    If I could fit in one of Trilby’s sleek camo pants and tight t-shirts and not look ridiculous, damn straight I’d do that. [grin] I had to settle for wearing pink sweat pants and a “My Name’s No No Bad Captain!” T-shirt at RT.

    But that’s RT and last week was RWA. There is a difference in tone–one can feel it just walking around the hotel lobby. It doesn’t have the casual (sometimes joyful) levity of an RT con. But it’s not a funeral, either.

    Fact is, the book industry has changed in the last fifty, twenty, even ten years. We are now solidly entertainment, whether we want to admit it or not (and I’m talking commercial genre fiction, okay?). We’re competing with other forms of entertainment. I think for authors to embrace that–in whatever fashion [pardon the pun] they deem fit–is a plus.

    And it’s fun. Gosh golly, it’s fun. And life is too short not to have some of that [fun]. ~Linnea