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Anatomy of an Agency Agreement—Part Seven

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STATUS: Worked hard today when I know everyone else was off playing for the three-day weekend. That’s okay though. I had a great time in NZ.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? I MAY KNOW THE WORD by Natalie Merchant

The next clause in my agreement is a snoozer but hey, everyone has to have warranties. My next clause basically states that you, as the author, hold the copyright to the work and that you warrant and represent that you have every right to enter into a publishing agreement for the work. In the event you don’t (and you lied about it), then you indemnify and hold the agency harmless for expenses raised by your breach of the warranties.

Yeah. That’s English.

Then the clause states that we both represent and warrant that we are free to enter in this agreement together and that neither party has a conflict with fulfilling it.

Small potatoes of a clause really. Just wait until you see the one in your publishing contract!

TGIF and have a great Labor Day Holiday Weekend (if you live in the U.S. that is).

8 Responses

  1. The Quoibler said:

    Holiday? What’s that? I’m a freelancer… the notion of taking a day off is akin to committing a sin!

    Incidentally, I found my way here through blog surfing and I’m greatly enjoying it!


  2. Cindy Procter-King said:

    We call it Labour Day in Canada too. We just spell it the old-fashioned way. 🙂

    I take Labour Day literally, so I’m doing outside painting, designing a new web site, and writing. Oh, yeah, and laundry.

  3. JS said:

    This is a little like what Groucho and Chico called the Sanity Clause.

    “You can’t-a fool me! There ain’t no Sanity Clause!”

  4. Linnea said:

    Nice to see how open you are about your agency agreement. Congrats on the Jamie Ford sale. Thanks for the holiday well wishes. I’m from Canada and we’re celebrating as well!

  5. Dick said:

    Clauses mean very little to us poor bastards when literary agents ignore us as if we’re nothing more than an unpleasant odor in a rough neighborhood.
    Yeah, I know…
    I should have been born a Clancy.