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Day of Tramping

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STATUS: I’m taking your advice about being on vacation so here’s a picture just to show you that I”m having fun. It was a bit chillier today but still lovely. Here in New Zealand, they call it “tramping” instead of hiking.

On Friday, it is back to work as the Auckland Writer’s Conference starts then. Maybe I’ll be back in the blogging mood.

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  1. Chumplet said:

    Check out my aunt Corinne and uncle Jerry Lamb’s ‘Emporium’ in Henderson (part of Auckland). It’s like a big bargain store with a little bit of everything. 199C Lincoln Road. She says she’ll be on the lookout for an agenty type person wandering through!

    Is the weather cooperating? She says it’s cold and damp and gloomy, but I think she’s spoiled by the spectacular summers.

  2. Rebecca Burgess said:

    Good to see you relaxing and having a good time. New Zealand is one of my favorite places on earth (so far anyway) and I have never met more kind, generous, and friendly people. I often envision packing it all in and buying a sheep farm somewhere near the coast of this wonderful country. Have fun, it’s a magic place.

  3. Vicki said:

    I’m glad your relaxing and enjoying yourself. Tramping, huh. Gotta love their way with words. Next I’m going out for a walk…I mean hike, you can be sure I’ll say I’m going tramping. Should get at least one confused look. 🙂

    Enjoy the conference.

  4. India Carolina said:

    I suppose I’m the only selfish one who wants you to blog while on vacation. Not about contracts and agreements, but about New Zealand. Am so jealous you are there. I hope to take my children this winter and am dying to know the best hikes. I love the photos and have really enjoyed YOUR vacation. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Auckland has a writers’ conference these days? Who’d have thought? Looking forward to hearing about it. (Are you sure it’s a real writers’ conference and not a festival?)

  6. Church Lady said:

    Looks beautiful! Have a great time!

    I heard (somewhere) New Zealand has hot places on the ground–perhaps near volcanoes, where you can actually cook? I’m not sure what they’re called? Have you seen any?


  7. A Paperback Writer said:

    First of all, I am insanely jealous that you’re off in NZ, but I do hope you enjoy it.
    Secondly, “tramping,” eh? I didn’t know that. It’s called “hill walking” in Scotland.