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Pub Rants Recognized By Preditors & Editors

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STATUS: I’m a mad woman! Cleaning contracts off my desk left and right. Right and left. I LOVE when final contracts come and they are ready for client signatures.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? COME AS YOU ARE by Nirvana

How cool is this? I just had to share because I’m so tickled. Now I have to figure out how to get it to display on the side bar. He sent me the html code but knowing me, I’d goof that up.

Dear Kristin,

Congratulations! Your site was nominated and later selected as the latest recipient of the Preditors & Editors’ Truly Useful Site Award.

Your site will be honored on a Preditors & Editors’ Sites of Distinction page along with a link to your site. As well, you are entitled to display our award on your site. An individualized GIF file of the award is attached for display purposes.

Again, our congratulations go out to you on your success in creating such an outstanding site.

In admiration of your efforts,

Dave Kuzminski, Editor
Preditors & Editors

32 Responses

  1. Gwen said:

    Congrats! You deserve this in every possible way. Your blog is both entertaining and informative, as well as a wealth of info for prospective authors.

    Good on P&E for recognizing it too!

  2. Heather Harper said:

    Sign in on blogger.

    Once you are at your dashboard, click on layout.

    Click on Add a Page Element.

    Choose html/javascript.

    Paste your code.

    Save changes.

    Click and drag the html to where you want it displayed.

    Click save.

  3. Anonymous said:


    Your blog is always so entertaining and informative. I read it every day. You really deserve the honor.


  4. Karen said:

    Ditto on the congratulations, and on the award being deserved. I list you on my own blog, and I know I’m one of many writers to do so.

  5. cynjay said:

    Between you and Editorial Anonymous, you’ve got it all covered.

    Now get the award thingy up. Do you get to write a speech?