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Anatomy Of An Agency Agreement—Part Nine

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STATUS: It’s been a busy day and now I have drinks with a client who is in town and then later with an editor from New York who is also in town. I like to think they come all the way just to see me.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? ROXANNE by The Police

We are pretty close to tackling all the clauses–in my agreement anyway.

The next clause is Risk In All Negotiations. Basically, I say I can’t guarantee that I can sell the book or get the client an acceptable offer and a client can’t sue me for it.

I’m an agent, not a miracle worker and although it doesn’t happen often, I sometimes can’t sell a project. Shocked gasps I know. There is no agent on this planet who sells 100% of what he/she takes on.

The next clause talks about governing law. Since my agency is based in Denver, then the agreement adheres to the laws of Colorado.

The last two clauses tomorrow and then on to Jamie Ford’s query.

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  1. cynjay said:

    Knowing that you don’t sell everything you take on, can you estimate roughly what percentage of new client’s work you do sell? Not necessarily second or third books, but the MS that made you sign the client in the first place.

    Also, what’s the longest that it took to sell a first book?