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Mitchell and Webb – Write this..or that..or maybe

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STATUS: I have to leave here before 5 p.m. I’ve finished two contracts, reviewed royalty statements, and then started negotiating a new deal for a current client. Way better than yesterday!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY by Carly Simon

I just had to share this youtube video. I’ve literally sent this to all my authors, all my agent friends, and to all my favorite editors. We strive not to do this when we give feedback. I don’t think we are always successful…

Serious beverage alert but it is work safe so enjoy.

I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with my letter to the editor about Jamie Ford.

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  1. marieconley3 said:

    *falling out of my chair laughing* If you have ever been on you will have felt this anguish as you are trying to critique or receive critiques.

  2. bran fan said:

    Just the other day, the gals over at Bookends were bragging on their blog about how they “helped” their writers by brainstorming with them. Wonder if they’ve seen this? Wonder if they’ll still brag after seeing this?