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Titles (cont.)

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STATUS: Preparing for a big day tomorrow. More details later.

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Agenting is a never-ending learning process. So I’m chatting with an editor about the title change we are attempting and she pointed out something I hadn’t noticed.

In all the suggestions we had given her, only one title contained a verb. All the others were nouns with an adjective (or adjectives).

Kristin slaps hand on forehead. The publisher is looking for a more active title. That means the title needs a verb.

Betcha none of you thought of that right off the top of your head. And if you did, you are one smart cookie because to be honest, I hadn’t noticed that.

Guess what Sara, the author, and I will be doing tomorrow morning? Coming up with titles that contain verbs.

And just in case you need a verb refresher, feel free to click here. Ah. Fond memories from my childhood.

16 Responses

  1. bran fan said:

    Edie, that 1000 verb list is neat! She has included the verbs that tend to be overused and suggested alternatives. I’m a purist, so “said” needs so substitute, but the others are good. Thanks for this.

  2. Allen B. Ogey said:

    Okay, seriously, I posted my little jokes, then while in the shower thought of a few suggestions:

    Searching for Shadows
    Searching in Shadows
    Seeking My Shadow

  3. Hacky McHack said:

    Perhaps “Whining for No Good Reason”. Maybe “Poor Me; The Tale of a Sold Book With No Title”. Or “Of All the Things to Bitch About… They Like the Story But Hate the Title”. Better yet, “It Doesn’t Matter, Darkly”.

    Boo-f’ing-hoo. Go on brainstorming for four words. The rest of us hacks will keep writing a hundred thousand at a time. Keep this kind of shit to yourself.

  4. rorschach said:

    One word titles like “Sexygirlhasromanticrelationshipbutthereissomethingsinisterabouthernewloveandohwon’tyouallbeshockedbythetwistaboutthesexyguy”? That’s a one word title, and probably sums up a lot of books.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Um… hacky mchack…. no one is bitching but you. Kristin chose to share part of her (and her client’s) day with us, and it was in no way a bitch. Or a poor me tale. Or a whine. Maybe you feel like that because you’re unpublished. Or have been rejected many times. Perhaps you should keep your bitterness to yourself by not visiting here. I, for one, like the insight into an agent’s day.

  6. Anonymous said:

    maybe one of these:

    Shadow of Freedom

    … i have more, but they have nothing to do with the book, so…