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Accidental Children’s Agent

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STATUS: My hand is tired but the holiday cards are done!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN by Chris Isaak

Two years ago I didn’t even represent anything in the world of Children’s publishing. Now it’s what I’m starting to be known for.

I should have realized this. I love high school movies with a passion (as my husband can attest). I would say that half my DVD collection is high school movies so why it didn’t occur to me that repping young adult and middle grade would be a natural fit is a mystery. I’m just glad that Ally Carter and Jennifer O’Connell insisted on writing for that market and forced me to get savvy. Now I love it.

So genres for the 8 new clients (and funny enough, quite the leaning toward children’s!). If they’ve sold already, I used their name.

Brooke Taylor—young adult
Sarah Rees Brennan—young adult fantasy
Jamie Ford—literary fiction
Helen Stringer—middle grade fantasy
Client 5—young adult
Client 6—young adult fantasy
Client 7—young adult
Client 8—women’s fiction

And you guys know what I want more of, don’t you? Adult science fiction and fantasy. I’d love to take on more romance. I’d love to take on more literary fiction like Jamie.

I don’t suggest querying now (because we close on the 19th) but come Jan. 2nd, bring it on!

TGIF! I’m out.

17 Responses

  1. Liz said:

    Thank you! It’s fascinating to see what genres you took on this year. My book is literary fiction, so come January 2nd… ☺

  2. Carradee said:

    My thoughts upon reading this post were similar to the first—anonymous—comment.

    Though I also feel distinct stress that I need to get this draft of my adult fantasy done.

    [Mutters about the pain of having a concise writing style so drafts always have to be expanded and gets back to work]

  3. Eileen said:

    Have a great holiday season and enjoy the well deserved break. I look forward to reading more of your client’s work as I’ve loved them all so far.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Great, thanks for wanting to see more literary fiction like Jamie.

    I’ll query on the set date!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Heehee, Kristen, guess what you’re getting at the end of January? *More young adult fantasy!!!!* Aren’t you excited?

    But no worries, you have a month to recover from all these new clients. Congratulations to all of them, by the way.

    🙂 Gabrielle

  6. Anonymous said:

    Your comment about wanting “adult SF and fantasy” is being widely quoted out of context. Some writers are interpreting “adult” rather differently than I think you meant it. You may soon be seeing a deluge of very steamy queries.