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It’s Not Over Until…

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STATUS: Okay, I can’t count. I took on 7 clients this year. Sorry about that because, yes, I can keep track of my clients…

What’s playing on the iPod right now? ZAT YOU SANTA CLAUS by Louie Armstrong

Dec. 19th. You thought I was going to say “until the fat lady sings.” Nope. We are definitely winding down but last night I read through all the queries that were set aside for me. That means we’ll be asking for more sample pages. The goal is to read them before next Wednesday. I’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

I also read a bunch of sample pages last night and, gasp, we asked for a full manuscript. Right before the holidays no less.

Yes, I plan to tackle that before Wed. as well.

First and foremost are client payments. I’m waiting on three checks that should arrive before next week. Here’s the rub about December. On one hand, my clients would certainly like their money. On the other hand, if the checks didn’t come until January, they would get a whole other year to worry about estimated taxes.

Much better for all checks to arrive by the first week in December or not to bother until Jan. 1!

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  1. Anonymous said:

    That depends. If it’s a large advance paid out in thirds, it may be better to divide the checks between the two years. If all three payments arrive in the same year, there’s the danger of being bumped into another tax bracket. My publisher was very accomodating about it. Each case has many variables; seek the advice of a CPA.

  2. Sherry Thomas said:

    Oh, boy. The person whose full was requested–and who must be reading this blog–is going to be on pins and needles from here on out until he/she hears back from you.

    Best hopes for an 8th new client.