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Agent In New York

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STATUS: Well, I was doing fine (despite the incredibly odd weather here in Manhattan) until my wireless internet went down last night before I blogged. Didn’t come back up until this morning. Sorry about the blip yesterday.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? LET’S STAY TOGETHER by Al Green

So what does an agent do when she comes to New York? Lunch of course. Lots of publishing occurs over business lunches. It creates a personal and intimate setting on neutral territory to discuss either issues or needs of current clients, get the update on what that editor is currently looking for, and to generally catch up on each other’s personal lives. This is a business of personal connections and trust.

So my last two days have been frantic emailing so as to set up all my appointments. Right now it looks like I’m going out to lunch each day for the entire month I’m here in Manhattan. Saves on groceries..

Since I can only do so many lunches, I’m scheduling a few coffees and evening drinks so I can squeeze in a few more appointments.

Didn’t I say I wanted a leisurely meeting time in New York?

13 Responses

  1. Kryianna said:

    Hi Kristin–

    I get your newsletter, and I love it. May I give you a tip? The smartquotes don’t come across in Firefox; they are viewed as question marks. It makes the newsletter a bit awkward to read. May I recommend you avoid the smartquotes?

  2. Anonymous said:

    One Question: When looking at your website I stumbled across “must be high concept and have a commercial bent.” Could you elaborate on what you mean by those terms?

  3. Just_Me said:

    Good luck with those lunches! Order light, New York is not known for waist friendly serving portions unless things have changed recently.

    Say hello to Chutney for me!

  4. Anonymous said:

    Kristin, did you see that Gawker linked to you the other day? I expect your inbox will get pretty slammed (if it hasn’t already).

  5. Chris Redding said:

    Out to lunch for month.
    And think of all the new types of food you could potentially try.
    If it were warmer I’d recommend at least one dirty water dog. It is a quintessential NY experience.

  6. RyanBruner said:


    If smartquotes aren’t working in Firefox, you might not have your character encoding set correctly. Go to View->Character Encoding and make sure Unicode (UTF-8) is highlighted.

  7. Doreen Orion said:

    Chutney might appreciate the New York experience of a brush with celebrity. How about taking him to see Uno (the winning beagle at Westminster) ring the bell at the NYSE tomorrow morning? (Or at least let Chutney watch it on TV.)

  8. Janet Reid said:

    I ordered up better weather for you today; 51!

    We may have to have drinks at midnight on the Staten Island ferry, as busy as you are!

    Welcome to the Capitol of the World!